Registration Form

This is needed every semester that a student registers for classes or research credits. This form comes in the mail to graduate students. They are also available in the Graduate Office in CAS Room112. If for some reason you do not get one in the mail, you must contact the Graduate Office. The student and the advisor sign this form. It gets handed in to Ruth Greene in the Biology main office.registration-form-editable

Certificate of Full-Time Participation in Graduate Program/Continuing Student Status Registration Form (Certified Full Time) 

CS_Cert-form  Students taking less than 12 credits per semester use this form in conjunction with the registration form to be awarded full-time status. This form comes in the mail to graduate students. They are also available in the Graduate Office in CAS Room112 or the Biology main office. The student and the advisor sign these forms, as well as the Program Director. It goes to Ruth Greene in the Biology main office at the same time as the registration form.

A student in a degree program who has completed all required coursework must be registered for Continuing Study each semester of the regular academic year until all remaining requirements have been completed. This form is available at the Biology main office and the Graduate Office in CAS Room 112. Both the student and the advisor sign off on the form. It gets handed in to Meredith Canode in the Biology main office.

Research Assistant Form

This form is for MCBB students who are working in Biomedical Engineering only. It is the method of funding for MCBB students working with Biomedical Engineering faculty. These forms get filled out every semester, during the registration period. The Research Assistant Contract Forms are available online at . This form needs the signature and grant numbers from the faculty member. Once the form is filled out, the original goes to Rene Smith in the Biomedical Engineering Office in ENG Room 406.

Special Service Appointment Form

The Special Service Appointment Form is available in the Dean’s Office in CAS Room 115. This allows a student to request for someone outside of Boston University to serve as a reader for a doctoral dissertation or a master’s thesis, or a member of a Final Oral Examining Committee (dissertation defense).


This is available in the Graduate School in the CAS building Room 112. At least a year before commencement, after completing coursework, language requirements, and the qualifying examinations, a student proposes a dissertation topic and identifies the first and second readers for the dissertation. The dissertation prospectus should be completed before the more extensive phase of dissertation research is undertaken. The review is followed by revision and the production of a final draft, which must be approved by the readers, and the MCBB director. The approved prospectus is submitted to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Office in the first week of October or the first week of April (depending on graduation date). The first and second readers and the MCBB director sign this form. You can download this form at the GRS website.

Thesis Booklet

A Thesis Booklet template for handout during the thesis seminar can be downloaded here.

Preparation for Oral Qualifying Exam in CM/MCBB Form

Students use this form after the Preliminary Exam. It is to confirm the faculty members on the Qualifying Exam Committee. This form is available by clicking here. This form is due six weeks after your Preliminary Exam. It needs to be signed by your faculty advisor and is turned in to Meredith Canode.

Annual Report

All MCBB students are required to submit an annual report each academic year. This report includes a summary of courses completed, research progress, teaching experience, examinations passed, committee members and meetings held, and publications and presentations. The Annual Report is available by clicking here. This year it is turned in to Meredith Canode by October 26, 2007. The advisor signs this form. Download the form here.

Summer Research Status Registration Forms

Summer Research registration status for students who are engaged during the summer in full-time research as an essential component of their graduate degree programs. This status provides a no-cost mechanism whereby graduate students can be officially recognized as students for purposes of loan eligibility and tax considerations. The form should be completed, appropriate signatures obtained, and submitted to the Academic Administrator. By signing the form, the student and the Department vouch that the student will be doing research full time for the twelve weeks of the Summer I and Summer II terms. GRS will enter the registration on the students’ records. Forms should be submitted before the beginning of the Summer II term and can be obtained by clicking here. It is also available from the GRS website here.