The Nerve currently accepts three types of submissions:

1. Articles – these are light reading and require the reader to have little to no background knowledge on the subject (1500-3000 words).

2. Reviews – these are in-depth explorations of the literature of specific topics. Reviews attempt to synthesize findings from original research papers into an analysis of the current state of the field (up to 6000 words).

3. Opinion pieces – these are short (800-1500 words) perspectives on current trends.

Authors are encouraged to submit works that touch on any topic in the Mind and Brain Sciences. This includes, but is not limited to psychology, anthropology, philosophy, biology, computer science, etc. Please note that The Nerve does not accept original research.

Submissions must be received by October 1st for publication in the Spring or by March 1st for publication in the Fall.

You can e-mail submission as attachments to Lauren Joseph & Shelbi Ferber . You will be notified via e-mail if your paper is accepted for publication.