Shadowing Program


The Undergraduate Neuroscience Shadowing Program is dedicated to providing BU undergraduates with the chance to explore careers in neurology and neurosurgery. The organization seeks to match students with medical professionals for one-time shadowing opportunities at local hospitals. The program was running a few years ago but fizzled out when slots were becoming scarce and the program leaders graduated. Currently, we are working on re-establishing this program with new management and reconnecting ourselves with the doctors. It is in process but may take a few months to set up. We are hoping to start getting students into hospitals towards the end of the Spring 2016 semester if not by the beginning of Fall 2016. To help fill in time when shadow availability is low we are trying to introduce a new part of the program that includes lab tours for those interested in learning more about the research field. We will advertise when the program is running again on this page as well as via email and Facebook.