Miracle Berries Tastravaganza

Join the Mind and Brain Society for our annual event held every October. When you eat a miracle berry, it alters your taste perception and makes sour foods taste sweet. We provide miracle berries and a variety of foods like lemons, sour patch kids, vinegar, hot sauce, sour cream, and more. These may not sound like the tastiest snacks but with miracle berries their sweetness will surprise you!


One of our goals as a club is to raise money for organizations. In particular, we donate to the Love Your Brain Foundation started by ex-pro snowboarder Kevin Pearce after suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI). The foundation attempts to raise awareness about TBI from concussions to continuous small hits to the head and the importance of keeping your brain healthy. We also generally donate to groups around Boston or local hospitals. We do this through a variety of ways such as selling T-shirts, bake sales, or restaurant fundraisers. As an example, last year we co-hosted a free event with Kevin Pearce to screen his documentary on TBI recovery followed by an open discussion led by him while selling his merchandise at the door to raise money.


In conjunction with the Love Your Brain moto we are trying to organize a yoga event focused on brain health and de-stressing. Our goal is to have these throughout the semester and close to finals time.

Brain Day

Student Led Discussion