The Mind and Brain Society (MBS; formerly known as the BU Organization for the Mind and Brain Sciences) was founded in the fall of 2008 in concert with BU’s new undergraduate program in Neuroscience. The group aims to create a network for undergraduate students who wish to take an active role in current issues and research. MBS serves as a hub for not only Neuroscience majors, but all students interested in Psychology, Biology, Philosophy, Computer Science, etc. Our goal is to support an eager multidisciplinary undergraduate community with the conversations and resources fundamental to Neuroscience today.

Throughout the academic year, MBS hosts events spotlighting many different facets of Neuroscience. We hold discussion sessions during which we informally discuss a topic of interest over coffee; previous topics include “The Neuroscience of Religion” and “NeuroEthics.” The group also hosts research presentations by BU professors and screenings of thought-provoking films containing neuroscience motifs.