Using Putty and X-Win32 to run Unix/Linux Applications


    • First, download and install the X-Win32 2012 software (you will need to login with your Kerberos password to obtain the software, and don’t forget to copy down the ‘Activation Code’
    • Once installed, go to the Start menu to run the applicationX-Win32-001
    • The splash screen will come up:X-Win32-002
    • The first time you start X-Win32 it will ask for the Activation CodeX-Win32-003
    • The other window (the one behind)  is the X-Config window.X-Win32-004
    • You won’t need this, so just click ‘Cancel’ and then verify that X-Win32 is running by looking for the ‘X’ icon in the lower right area of the taskbar.putty-X11-000

  • Now you need to configure the ‘Putty’ application which you can download here, simply copy it to your desktop. Once done, double click on it to begin the configuration, by typing in the name of the host (e.g.  where it says ‘Host Name’ and also enter in the same hostname where it says ‘Saved Sessions’putty-X11-002
  • Now go over to the pane at the left to configure the ‘SSH’ options so that you can use Putty together with X-Win32putty-X11-003
  • Click on the ‘X11’ submenu and check ‘Enable X11 forwarding’putty-X11-004
  • Now click on the top entry (Session) on the left hand pane againputty-X11-005
  • And now click ‘Save’ on the right side to save this session ‘’putty-X11-006
  • Now (and hereafter) double click on the ‘’ session in the list. (NOTE: You may get a ‘Security Alert’ window popping up, just click ‘Yes’ and it will save this hostname’s key and won’t ask you again.)putty-X11-007
  • Enter in your usernameputty-X11-008
  • Hit return to enter in your passwordputty-X11-009
  • And hit return again to loginputty-X11-010
  • Now you can invoke an ‘X-Windows’ command like ‘xterm &’ (or any other you wish)putty-X11-011
  • The & backgrounds the program so you can still type other commands. You may get a window like this popping up, just click ‘Allow’ to let the remote host display the X-windows command (in this case xterm) on your computerputty-X11-012
  • Wait a moment and your X application should pop up in its own window.putty-X11-013