Interesting and Useful Math Websites

Interesting math blogs and other mathematical websites:

  • mathbabe: A blog on “Exploring and venting about quantitative issues” by Cathy O’Neil.
  • The Liberated Mathematician: Website and blog of mathematician Piper Harron.
  • Terrance Tao: Website and blog of the Fields Medalist Terrance Tao.
  • Vi Hart: Website of the mathemusician and philosopher Via Hart, who is particularly known for her videos exploring a variety of topics.
  • Mathematically Gifted and Black: Website featuring the accomplishments of black scholars in the mathematical sciences.
  • Inclusion/Exclusion AMS Blog: Blog focused on issues pertaining to marginalized and underrepresented groups in mathematics, with the aim of developing a more inclusive, supportive, and diverse community of mathematicians.
  • Spectra: Website of the Association for LGBTQ+ Mathematicians.
  • National Association of Mathematicians: Nonprofit focused on excellence in the mathematical sciences and promoting the mathematical development of all underrepresented minorities.
  • Math Alliance: Community of math sciences faculty and students focused on supporting groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in those fields.