Careers in Mathematical Sciences

Choosing a career path:

One can pursue a variety of careers with a math major. Ultimately, only you can choose the career path that is right for yourself. Our department has information here. There are also various resources on campus for exploring the options available to you:

Faculty advisors: By sharing with your advisor which areas of mathematics you have found most interesting so far, they can help you choose which upper level courses you might want to take to further explore these areas. In addition, they can provide you with information on undergraduate research opportunities, math-focused study abroad programs, and mathematics organizations, within which you can obtain further experiences to help guide you in your decision.

BU Career Center: The BU Career Center has a variety of resources for helping you make this decision, including tools for self-discovery, building skills, and exploring careers. See their website for more information.

Exploring potential careers:

There are many off-campus resources that can provide you with lists of possible career paths, as well as information on ways to pursue those paths.

Career sites of professional organizations:

Information about graduate school:

Careers in teaching:

Careers in actuarial science:

Advice from established mathematicians:

Several well-known mathematicians have written about mathematics and mathematical careers. A particularly good resource is the career advice of Terrence Tao.