Advising FAQs

How can I declare or switch tracks within the math major? To declare a track (eg Pure and Applied Mathematics or Statistics), please follow the instructions here. For additional info, please contact the CAS advising office.

How can I use Degree Advice? Please see the tutorial here.

How can I find courses that satisfy specified HUB units in a given semester? Use the search tool here. Alternatively, you can explore HUB course offerings here.

How can I plan my schedule and keep track of which requirements I have fulfilled? In addition to using Degree Advice, you might find this worksheet helpful.

How can I switch to a different faculty advisor? To switch faculty advisors, please email our administrative coordinator Theresa Vartanian ( .  Tell her who you would like your new advisor to be and please copy this new advisor on the email.

Which courses will I get AP credit for? You can find a list advanced credit you can obtain via AP, IB, and other external examinations here.

Can any non-math classes count as the additional upper division courses for the math major? Yes, certain courses taught in other departments that contain a sufficient amount of mathematical content can count for up to two of the four additional upper division courses numbered 200 or above that are required for the math major. Examples include PY211, PY212, PY251, PY252, CS330, EC403. For questions about whether specific courses can count towards these additional upper division courses, please contact your faculty advisor.

Which calculus course should I take? Click here for advice, or speak with an advisor.

I am interested in pursuing a career and/or Master’s degree in actuarial science after I finish my undergraduate degree. Which upper level courses should I take as an undergraduate to prepare for this? You can find undergraduate course recommendations on webpage for the MA in Actuarial Science at BU (click on Degree Requirements within that page). Suggested courses include MA581, MA582, MA575, and MA585.