Geometry and Topology

Clara Bodelon (May 2001)
Boston University
Dissertation Title: Symbolic dynamics for hyperbolic surfaces of finite area
Advisor: David Fried

Rafael Diaz (May 2007)
Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research
Dissertation Title: Deformation quantization of the moduli space of flat connections
Advisor: Takashi Kimura

Kalle Karu (May 1998)
Harvard University
Dissertation Title: Semistable reduction in characteristic 0
Advisor: Dan Abramovich

Alex Kasman (May 1995)
College of Charleston
Dissertation Title: Rank-r KP solutions with singular rational spectral curves
Advisor: Emma Previato

Mikhail Frumosu (May 1999)
Midway Airlines
Dissertation Title: Mathai-Quillen forms and Lefschetz theory
Advisor: Steve Rosenberg

Patricia Pacelli (May 1996)
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Co.
Dissertation Title: Uniform boundedness for rational points
Advisor: Dan Abramovich

Adrian Vajiac (May 1999)
University of Texas at Austin
Dissertation Title: Localization techniques in topological quantum field theories
Advisor: Steve Rosenberg

Mihaela Vajiac (May 2000)
University of Texas at Austin
Dissertation Title: Gauge theory techniques in quantum cohomology
Advisor: Steve Rosenberg

Ying Zhu(May 1994)
Dissertation Title: On extensions of Kodaira vanishing and embedding theorems.
Advisor: Steve Rosenberg