Dynamical Systems

Ikemefuna Agbanusi (PhD 2013)
Faculty, Colgate University
Dissertation: Modeling Stochastic Reaction Di usion via Interactions Functions and Boundary Conditions

Dan Alexander (PhD 1992)
Faculty, Drake University
Dissertation: A History of Complex Dynamics from Schröder to Fatou and Julia

Pau Atela (PhD 1989)
Faculty, Smith College
Dissertation: Studies in Dynamical Systems: Collisions and Codings

Anna Barry (PhD 2011)
Faculty, University of Auckland
Dissertation: Vortex crystals in fluids

William Basener (PhD 2000)
Dissertation: Minimal Flows and Global Cross Sections which are disks

Margaret Beck (PhD 2006)
Faculty, Boston University
Dissertation: Topics in Stability Theory for Partial Differential Equations

Nick Benes (PhD 2010)
Senior Scientist, Image Insight Inc.
Dissertation: Stability of multi-solutions in the Toda model and torus canards in neuroscience models

Marina Bevzushenko (PhD 2008)
Dissertation: Mathematical Analysis of an Integro-Differential Equation Arising in Neuroscience

Ranjit Bhattacharjee (PhD 2000)
Vice President in the Fixed Income Derivatives Research Group, Salomon, Smith, Barney, New York City
Dissertation: Bifurcation to an Entire Function

Fred Blundell (PhD 1994)
Dissertation: A Spherically Symmetric Model in Celestial Mechanics

Greg Buck (PhD 1988)
Chair of the Mathematics Department, St. Anselm’s College
Dissertation: Mass Distributions in Central Configurations

Amy Chiu (PhD 1996)
Dissertation: Quartic Newton’s Method and Matings of Polynomials

Dan Cuzzocreo (PhD 2014)
Faculty, Northwestern University
Dissertation: Dynamical Invariants and Parameter Space Structures for Rational Maps

R. E. Lee DeVille (PhD 2001)
Faculty, University of Illinois
Dissertation: Reduced Equations for Hyperbolic Problems on Thin Domains

Marilyn Durkin (PhD 1989)
Emeritus Faculty, Bentley College
Dissertation: The Dynamics of the Complex Exponential Function: A Mathematical and Computer Graphical Study

Nuria Fagella (PhD 1995)
Faculty, University of Barcelona
Dissertation: The Complex Standard Family

Elizabeth Fitzgibbon (PhD 2014)
Faculty, Salve Regina University
Dissertation: The structure of Julia sets from accessible Mandelbrot sets

Alex Frumosu (PhD 2003)
Faculty, Clark University
Dissertation: Itineraries for Complex Exponentials

Christophe Gole (PhD 1989)
Faculty, Smith College
Dissertation: Periodic Points for Monotone Symplectomorphisms of Tn x Rn

Laura Rocio Gonzalez Ramirez (PhD 2014)
Faculty, Universidad Michoacada de San Nicolas de Hidalgo 
Dissertation: Existence and stability of traveling waves in a biologically constrained model of seizure wave propagation

Anthony Harkin (PhD 2000)
Faculty, Rochester Institute of Technology
Dissertation: Nonlinear Dynamics of Gas Bubbles in Liquid

Mako Haruta (PhD 1992)
Faculty, University of Hartford
Dissertation: The Dynamics of Newton’s Method on the Exponential Function in the Complex Plan

Michael Hayes (PhD 1999)
WS Atkins Consultants, Surrey, UK
Dissertation: Geometric Analysis of Delayed Bifurcations

Baldur Hedinsson(PhD 2011)
Dissertation: Interactions of Inhibitory Cells

Matt Holzer (PhD 2010)
Faculty, George Mason University
Dissertation: Renormalization Group Methods for Singularly Perturbed Systems, Norma Forms, and Stability of Traveling Waves in a Reaction-diffusion-mechanics System

Stephanie R. Jones (PhD 2001)
Faculty, Brown Uniersity
Dissertation: Rhythms in the Neocortex and in CPG Neurons: a Dynamical Systems Analysis

Sam Kaplan (PhD 1996)
Faculty, University of North Carolina at Asheville
Dissertation: The Collinear 1-bumper, 2-body Problem

Alex Kasman (PhD 1995)
Faculty, College of Charleston
Dissertation: Rank R KP Solutions with Singular Rational Spectral Curves

Stephen Krigman (PhD 2004)
Principle Systems Engineer, Raytheon Corp
Dissertation: Boundary Controllability of Maxwell’s Equations with Nonzero Conductivity and an Application to an Inverse Source Problem

Stephane Laederich (PhD 1989)
Co Head Software Development, Avaloq
Dissertation: Exponential Dichotomies, Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Differential Difference Equations

Eileen Lee (PhD 1997)
Faculty, Boston University
Dissertation: The Structure and Geometry of the Brjuno Numbers

Thomas LoFaro (PhD 1993)
Faculty, Gustavus Adolphus College
Dissertation: A Period Adding Bifurcation in a Pair of Coupled Neurons

Daniel M. Look (PhD 2005)
Faculty, St. Lawrence University
Dissertation: Dynamics of Circle Inversions

Joyce Macabea (PhD 2004)
Dissertation: Dynamics of Shepherd Moon Ring Systems

Paolo Malerba (PhD 2010)
Dissertation: Excitation dominated or inhibition dominated: different mechanisms behind rhythmic interaction in a hippocampal model

Sebastian Marotta (PhD 2008)
Faculty, University of the Pacific
Dissertation: Complex Dynamics of Singularly Perturbed Rational Maps

Ava Mauro (PhD 2014)
Faculty, UMass Amherst
Dissertation: Numerical Methods and Stochastic Simulation Algorithms for Reaction-Drift-Diffusion Systems

Tommy McCauley (PhD 2016)
Faculty, Arlington High School
Dissertation: Chern-Weil Techniques on Loop Spaces and the Maslov Index in Partial Differential Equations

Georgi Medvedev (PhD 1999)
Faculty, Drexel University
Dissertation: Problems on Oscillations and Pattern Formation in Mathematical Biology

Oleg Mikitchenko (PhD 2008)
Financial Analyst, Bloomberg Financial
Dissertation: Applications of the Resolution of Singularities to Asymptotic Analysis of Differential Equations

Monica Moreno Rocha (PhD 2002)
CIMAT, Guanajuato, Mexico
Dissertation: Indecomposable Continua in Complex Dynamical Systems

David Morgan (PhD 2001)
NRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Naval Research Labs
Dissertation: On the Existence and Stability of Spatial Patterns in an Activator-inhibitor System Exhibiting Self-replication

Farzan Nadim (PhD 1994)
Faculty, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Dissertation: An Inductive Approach to the Geometry of the Discrete FitzHugh-Nagumo Equation

Kinya Ono (PhD 2000)
Scientist, Khimetrics, Inc.
Dissertation: Analytical Methods for Reaction-diffusion Equations: Critical Wave Speeds and Axisymmetric Phenomena

Jason Ritt (PhD 2003)
Faculty, Boston University
Dissertation: A Probabilistic Analysis of Forced Oscillators, with Application to Neuronal Response Reliability

Gareth Roberts (PhD 1999)
Faculty, College of the Holy Cross
Dissertation: Existence and Stability of Relative Equilibria in the n-body Problem

Elizabeth D Russel (PhD 2009)
Dissertation: The Complex Dynamics of Rational Maps

Hector Sanchez (PhD 1992)
Faculty, UNAM, Mexico City

Ann Sawyer (PhD 1984)
Texas Instruments
Dissertation: The Dynamics of Piecewise Linear Mappings of the Plane

Lionel Slammert (PhD 1989)
Dean, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Cape Technikon, Cape Town, South Africa
Dissertation: Differentiability Properties of Bifurcation Phenomena of Two Parameter Families of Circle Diffeomorphisms

Cristina Soto-Trevino (PhD 1997)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Brandeis University
Dissertation: Geometric Methods for Periodic Orbits in Singularly Perturbed Systems

David Somers (PhD (joint with Center for Neural Systems) 1993)
Faculty, Boston University
Dissertation: Synchronization in Networks of Neural Relaxation Oscillators: Visual Cortical Processing and Intrinsic Oscillator Properties

Scott Sutherland (PhD 1989)
Faculty, Stony Brook University
Dissertation: Finding Roots of Complex Polynomials with Newton’s Method

Folkert Tangerman (PhD 1988)
Faculty, Stony Brook University
Dissertation: Meromorphic Continuation of the Ruelle Zeta Function

Alexandru Teodorescu-Frumosu (PhD 2003)
Faculty, Tufts University
Dissertation: Unbounded Itineraries of Entire Functions

Mark Turpin (PhD 1991)
Faculty, University of Hartford
Dissertation: Rotation Number Properties of a Class of Annulus Homeomorphisms with an Invariant Indecomposable Cofrontier

David Uminsky (PhD 2008)
Faculty, University of San Francisco

Nathan Vierling-Claassen (PhD 2007)
Faculty, Brown University
Dissertation: Modeling Cortical Rhythms in Schizophrenia: Neuronal Recruitment and Suppression

Eric Wahl (PhD 2008)
MIT Lincoln Lab
Dissertation: Geodesics on Isopotential Surfaces and Solutions to Newton’s n-Body Problem

James Walsh (PhD 1991)
Faculty, Oberlin College
Dissertation: Rotation Vectors for Maps and Flows on Compact Surfaces

Robert Winters (PhD 1990)
Faculty, Harvard University and Wellesley College
Dissertation: Bifurcations in Families of Antiholomorphic and Biquadratic Maps

J. Douglas Wright (PhD 2004)
Faculty, Drexel University
Dissertation: Higher Order Corrections to the KdV Approximation for Water Waves

Elizabeth Zollinger (PhD 2008)
Faculty, St. Joseph’s College New York
Dissertation: A Family of Comets in the 3-Body Problem