Algebra and Number Theory

Barry Brent (May 1994)
Dissertation Title: The initial segment of the Fourier series of a modular form
Advisor: Glenn Stevens

Cecilia Busuioc (May 2008)
Royal Holloway, London
Thesis title: Eisenstein cohomology, Milnor K-theory and special values of L- functions
Advisor: Glenn Stevens

Duff Campbell (May 1997)
Hendrix College
Dissertation Title: The Eisenstein Distribution and p-adic L-Functions
Advisor: Glenn Stevens

Mark Evans (January 2001)
Department of Defense
Dissertation Title: Elliptic Curves and Alternating Group Extensions of the Rational Numbers
Advisor: David Rohrlich

Adrian Iovita (May 1996)
Concordia University
Dissertation Title: p-Adic Cohomology of Abelian Varieties
Advisor: Glenn Stevens

Kalle Karu (May 1998)
University of British Columbia
Dissertation Title: Semistable reduction in characteristic 0
Advisor: Dan Abramovich

Alex Kasman (May 1995)
College of Charleston
Dissertation Title: Rank-r KP solutions with singular rational spectral curves
Advisor: Emma Previato

Chan-Ho Kim (May 2013)
University of California, Irvine
Thesis title: Anticyclotomic Iwasawa invariants and congruences of modular forms
Advisor: Robert Pollack

Myoungil Kim (May 2011)
Dissertation Title: Projectivity and Selmer Groups in the Non-Ordinary Case.
Advisor: Robert Pollack

Kalin Kostadinov
Plymouth Rock Assurance
Thesis title: Constructing an explicit modular symbol
Advisor: Glenn Stevens

Eileen Lee (May 1997)
Trinity College, Hartford, CT
Dissertation Title: The Structure and Geometry of the Brjuno Numbers
Advisor: Bob Devaney

Alvaro Lozano-Robledo (May 2004)
University of Connecticut,
Thesis title: On elliptic units and p-adic Galois representations attached to elliptic curves.
Advisor: David Rohrlich

Ryota Matsuura (May 2008)
St. Olaf’s College
Dissertation Title: Twisted root numbers of elliptic curves semistable at primes above 2 and 3
Advisor: David Rohrlich

Marc Nirenberg (May 1995)
Dissertation Title: Cuspidal divisor groups, ordinary modular forms, and p-adic L-functions
Advisor: Glenn Stevens

Patricia Pacelli (May 1996)
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Co.
Dissertation Title: Uniform Boundedness for Rational Points
Advisor: Dan Abramovich

Jeehoon Park (May 2007)
Dissertation Title: p-adic families of half-integral weight modular forms and arithmetic applications
Advisor: Glenn Stevens

Andre Robatino (January 1996)
Dissertation Title: Computation of Mock Heegner Points on Modular Elliptic Curves
Advisor: Glenn Stevens

Ander Steele (May 2013)
University of Calgary,
Thesis title: The p-adic Shintani cocycle and p-adic L-functions
Advisor: Glenn Stevens

Nicholas Strauss (May 1988)
Boeing Aircraft Company
Dissertation Title: Symbolic algebra: Jordan forms and local analysis
Advisor: Joe Silverman

Shao-Wei Zhang
Dissertation Title: Explicit reciprocity laws for families of Lubin-Tate formal groups
Advisor: Glenn Stevens