Financial Aid

The main source of financial aid for department graduate students is the Teaching Fellowship. These awards carry a stipend as well as tuition remission for six courses per year. Teaching Fellows are required to assist a faculty member who is teaching a large lecture section of an introductory mathematics course. Generally, the Teaching Fellow is responsible for conducting a number of discussion sections consisting of approximately 25 students each, as well as for holding office hours and assisting with grading. The Teaching Fellowship usually entails about 20 hours of work per week. For that reason, Teaching Fellows enroll in at most three courses per semester. A Teaching Fellow Seminar is conducted to help new Teaching Fellows develop as instructors and to promote the continuing development of experienced Teaching Fellows.

Other sources of financial aid include University Fellowships and Research Assistantships. The University Fellowships are one-year awards for outstanding students and are service-free. They carry stipends plus full tuition remission. Students do not apply for these fellowships.

Regular reviews of the performance of Teaching Fellows and Research Assistants in their duties as well as their coursework are conducted by members of the Graduate Committee.