Marsh Plaza Renovation Project
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The Physical and Spiritual Center of Boston University

A view of the newly
restored Marsh Plaza.

In most important ways, the alumni-driven campaign to restore Marsh Plaza culminated last October, over Homecoming Weekend '99. That's when the Plaza was formally rededicated, its cracked, weather-beaten bluestone pavement having been replaced with durable, rose-colored granite, its lighting and landscaping improved, and its soaring memorial to Martin Luther King, Jr., cleaned of rust and sealed to prevent future damage.

"It's been a terrific experience," says Sharon Goode Ryan (SAR'70), the Boston University Alumni (BUA) vice president for special constituencies, who cochaired the campaign and gave time, energy, and generous financial support to ensure its success. "Bringing alumni, administrators, faculty, staff, and students together on a project that benefits everyone, it's very special. Marsh Plaza doesn't just benefit one segment of the University. Everyone enjoys it, and everyone has memories of it."



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27 July 2000