Marsh Plaza Renovation Project
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The Physical and Spiritual Center of Boston University

Marsh Plaza was dedicated in 1949, the culmination of the vision and persistence of Daniel L. Marsh, the fourth president of Boston University, who saw the potential of the space that was once a city street as a fitting center for a great institution. In the decades that followed, the Plaza has been a place to gather before and after events at the Chapel, to advance and to hear arguments, to parade and to protest, to propose marriage, to meet and to part, and even just to pass through on the way to class. It has also been a cherished place to honor one of our greatest alumni, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (GRS '55).

Over the years, Marsh Plaza has become the true heart, and the enduring symbol of our campus. For students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the broader community, it is the hub of the diverse activities of one of the world's finest universities.


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27 July 2000