Boston University Maps -- Contact

Icons that appear on the map itself and in search results

  1. Boston University Border
    Red line indicates the general borders of the Charles River Campus, the Medical Campus, and the Huntington Avenue area.
  2. Boston University Icon
    Indicates a University listing.
  3. Non-Boston University Icon
    Indicates a non-University listing, for example an area business. Note: Inclusion of a restaurant or business in the BU Maps is solely for the convenience of the University Community and is not an endorsement by the
  4. Parking Icon
    Indicates a parking lot or garage, both campus and commercial facilities.
  5. T Stop Icon
    Indicates an MBTA subway/trolley stop.
  6. Emergency Call Boxes
    Indicates a BU Emergency Call Box.
  7. Mail Delivery
    Indicates BU mail delivery times.
  8. Wi-Fi Coverage
    Indicates BU buildings that have Wi-Fi coverage.

Icons for BU Shuttle Bus

  1. Live Position
    This icon represents the current position of the bus based on GPS data.
  2. Bus Route
    The dark red line represents the campus bus route. Buses which are in transit to or from the depot, or out of service, may not be on the line.
  3. Bus Stop
    This icon represents the campus bus stops.

Icons that appear in a listings info window

  1. Convenience Points Icon
    Indicates a location that accepts Convenience Points.
  2. Dining Points Icon
    Indicates a location that accepts Dining Points

Icons for accessibility

  1. Wheelchair Accessible Entrance Icon
    Indicates automatic doors or ramps that lead into University buildings or areas of the campus.
  2. TTY/TDD Payphone (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) Icon
    Indicates TDD payphones.
  3. Audible Crosswalk Signal Icon
    Indicates crosswalks with audible signals.
  4. Curb Cut Icon
    Indicates wheelchair-accessible curbs.