Boston University Maps -- About


Enter your search term or phrase and press the Enter key or click the Search button. The campus selection menu between the search box and button allows you to confine your search to BU listings, a specific campus, or "other" listings (University listings located off of the two main campuses).


Use the browse menus to locate listings organized by four main headings: All, Charles River Campus, Medical Campus, and Other. Main headings are further organized into categories to allow for quick and intuitive access to all map listings.


Both search results and browse listings are displayed alphabetically in a panel on the left of your screen. Each listing has an info window that pops up on the map when you click either a listing's title or an icon. You can click items in the results/listings panel or click icons on the map itself.

Display Options

You control some display options independently of whether you are searching or browsing. A horizontal bar above the map includes checkboxes where you can turn on/off the icons indicating parking lots, T stops, BU shuttle stops, and accessibility aids.

Map Functions

The map has all the standard functions of Google Maps. Click and hold your mouse button down and drag your cursor to pan and scroll the map. Use the +/- icons and scaling ladder in the top left corner to zoom in and out (or use your mouse's scroll wheel while your mouse is over the map). Select from map view, satellite view, or a hybrid of both views from the buttons in the top right corner. Other functions of the map (print, email, etc.) are clearly marked with text and standard icons.


Search for a specific building
Looking for someplace called the SMG building, but you aren't even sure which campus it is on? Search for "SMG" and leave the campus selection menu on "All."

Search for a place to eat on the Medical Campus
Select "Medical" from the campus selection menu and search for "food" or "lunch." Have something more specific in mind? Try "burger," "salad," "sandwich," or just "coffee."

Find a computer lab on the Charles River Campus
Move your cursor over the "Charles River Campus" menu, then move your cursor over "Computing" and then click on "Computer Labs" from the subcategory menu.

Find the BU employment offices
Move your cursor over the "All" menu, then move your cursor over "Administrative" and then click on "Employment" from the subcategory menu. Alternatively, search for "jobs" with the search function.