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Accessibility: Satellite View Example

The accessibility feature of Boston University Maps offers additional information for individuals with disabilities. If your current map view appears congested with too many icons, please zoom in as far as possible, or try the Satellite view. For more information on campus accessibility, please visit the Office of Disability Services website.

Included on the map are the following icons:

  1. Wheelchair Accessible Entrance. This icon represents automatic doors or ramps that lead either into University buildings or areas of the campus that would be otherwise impossible to reach by wheelchair. Use the Satellite view on the map to see the entrance to the building where the icon has indicated an entrance. View listings of all Accessible Campus Buildings.
  2. TTY/TDD Payphone (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf). Two TDD payphones are available on campus: one is located in the University Information Center at 771 Commonwealth Ave (located in the Link); the other is at the Office of Disability Services at 19 Deerfield Street.
  3. Audible Crosswalk Signals. Two major intersections on campus are outfitted with audible signals for the blind: one is the Saint Paul St / Commonwealth Ave intersection (near Student Village); the other is the Saint Mary's St / Commonwealth Ave intersection (in front of Marsh Plaza).
  4. Curb Cut Icon. This icon represents wheelchair-accessible curbs.