Medical Campus

BU Mail Services on the Medical Campus offers the following primary functions:

  • Pick-up, sort, and deliver incoming mail from the United States Postal Service (USPS). Incoming mail is picked up once a day. Beginning at 8:30 a.m., the mail is delivered to various departments outside the complex.
  • The departments within the core BUMC facility containing the L building, Housman, Vose, Evans, Collamore, and Robinson,┬ápick up and/or deposit their mail at the Mail Services office in Evans building EB-42
  • All outgoing USPS mail is processed the same day it is picked up or delivered to the Mail Services window by 2:30pm
  • USPS incoming mail is picked up every weekday morning
  • Pick-up, sort, and deliver interdepartmental mail for next day delivery
  • Assure University compliance with U.S. Postal Regulations and all other University, local, state, and federal policies that relate to the processing and delivery of mail
  • Provide advice to Medical Campus departments regarding all mailing needs
  • Maintain, coordinate, and submit appropriate reports and transactions to ensure proper accounting and billing of postal charges, and mailing services to Boston University departments

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