Reading Latin Verse:  CL 212, Spring 1999

Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30 - 11:00, CAS 204A
Ms. Anne Mahoney
Office:  STH 404, 353-4578;  office hours Tuesday and Thursday 11:00 - 12:30 and by appointment.  I am frequently in the office at other times as well and can always be reached by email:

Additional resources:  texts, background reading, on-line resources

Required resources:
The Student’s Catullus, Garrison, ed.  ($17)
Aeneid Book IV, Gould and Whiteley, edd.  ($17)
Mailing list:
You will need a Latin dictionary, and you should also have a reference grammar.  I have ordered some copies of Gildersleeve's for those who did not buy a grammar last semester.

Recommended optional resources:
The Meters of Greek and Latin Poetry, Halporn, Ostwald, and Rosenmeyer  ($12)
How to Read a Poem, Raffel ($12)

Goals for the semester:
You will be introduced to the main techniques and styles of Latin lyric and epic poetry, including poetic vocabulary, sound play, meter, and allusion.

Workload and grading:
There will be three in-class exams and a final.  The exams will be one full class period (90 minutes) and will include both passages read in class and passages to be read at sight.  You will have a reading assignment for each class.

Grades will be computed as follows:

exams (3 @17% each)  51%
final exam  25%
class participation  24%
total 100%
The three in-class exams will be:
Thursday 4 February
Thursday 4 March
and  Thursday 8 April
The final exam will be in May on the date assigned by the University Registrar, probably the 12th at 9:00.
Make-up exams will be given only in exceptional circumstances, if you make arrangements at least 24 hours before the scheduled time of the exam.
Holidays in the Spring term:  No class on Tuesday, 16 February (Monday schedule).  No class on 9 or 11 March, Spring break.

We will read Catullus for roughly the first half of the semester and Virgil thereafter.

General policies:
Please bring the text to class.

Attendance in class is required, because your reading in class is the best demonstration of your increasing competence.  On the other hand, if you must occasionally miss class for a legitimate reason, I will assume you can keep up with the work.

I call your attention to University policy against plagiarism and other forms of cheating.  Please refer to the Student Handbook for details.

Please note that except in the most extraordinary circumstances, I will not give "incomplete" grades.  As you know, an Incomplete means that you did not complete the work of the course, and CAS policy states that the Incomplete becomes an F if the work is not completed within one calendar year.

Additional resources:
The following books are all available in Mugar Memorial Library.
If your browser can launch a Telnet client, you can use this link to connect to the library catalog.  Otherwise, Telnet to
Mugar Memorial Library home page:
Boston Public Library home page:

Course textbooks:
D. Garrison, The Student’s Catullus:  PA6276.G37 1989
J. W. Halporn, M. Ostwald, T. G. Rosenmeyer:  The Meters of Greek and Latin Poetry:  PA186.H25
(The library does not have the Gould/Whiteley edition of Aeneid 4 or Raffel’s How to Read a Poem.)

Other useful editions of Catullus and Virgil:
K. Quinn.  Catullus:  The Poems:  PA6274.A2 1973
R. G. Austin.  Aeneidos Liber Quartus:  PA6803.B24 A8 1966
J. Conington.  The Works of Virgil:   PA6801.E75, three volumes

Reference grammars:
Allen and Greenough’s New Latin Grammar:  PA2087.F16
Bennett, New Latin Grammar:  PA2087.F181
Gildersleeve’s Latin Grammar:  PA2087.E984
Hale and Buck, A Latin Grammar:  PA2087.F031 (must request from Mugar Storage)

Other works:
W. S. Allen, Vox Latina:  PA2117.A5 1978
W. S. Anderson, The Art of the Aeneid:  PA6825.F691
M. Beard and J. Henderson, Classics:  A Very Short Introduction:  PA3009 .B4 1995
Cambridge History of Classical Literature, part 2, Latin Literature:  PA6003.L3
W. Fitzgerald, Catullan Provocations:   PA6276.F52 1995
K. Galinsky, Augustan Rome:  An Interpretive Introduction:  DG279.G17 1996
M. L. Gasparov, History of European Versification:  PN1035.G613 1996
M. Grant, Atlas of Classical History:  XG1033.G65 1994 (reference)
E. Hamilton, The Roman Way:  PA6019.F32
R. Heinze, Virgil’s Epic Technique:   PA6825.H413 1993 (original German at PA6825.F15)
B. Otis, Virgil:  a Study in Civilized Poetry.  PA6825.F64
Oxford Classical Dictionary (3rd edition):  XDE5.O9 1996 (reference)
K. Quinn, The Catullan Revolution:  PA6276.F59
L. P. Wilkinson, Golden Latin Artistry:  PA6141.Z5 F63
T. P. Wiseman, Catullus and His World:  PA6276.W544 1985

On-line resources:

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