Semester Orientation

Upon their arrival in Madrid for fall or spring semester, students are met at the airport by program directors and coordinators. Students travel as a group via bus to the International Institute, where the two-day-long semester orientation begins.

During the course of Orientation, students will be introduced to many aspects of life in Madrid through information sessions at the International Institute. Students also learn about many logistical aspects of their semester in Madrid, including how to select classes, details about internship positions, how to purchase and use Spanish cell phones, and how to navigate the Madrid metro system. Finally, students receive maps and information about their homestays before taking a taxi to their houses.

In addition to formal program events, students have a lot of free time to explore Madrid on their own, meet other program participants, and begin their lives in Madrid. Click here for the (tentative) Fall 2015 orientation schedule.

We recommend that all the students (US citizens) register at the USA Embassy in Spain during the first days of their arrival.