Receiving Mail

Where should my mail/packages be sent?

Any mail or packages being sent to you while you’re abroad should be sent to the BU Madrid office at the International Institute where you can pick it up during our office hours Monday – Friday.

The Address is:
Boston University in Madrid
Instituto Internacional en España
Miguel Ángel, 8
28010 Madrid – España

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In some cases, you might receive a slip saying that you have to go to a certain mail center and pick the package up.
Please be aware that customs will not allow certain things to be sent! Do not have your parents send you laptops, cameras, medicine without the prescription, cosmetics, lotions, etc. as these are likely to be stopped at customs and sent back to the U.S. at the expense of the sender. It’s possible that they’ll get through customs after you pay a hefty tax (that sometimes exceeds the actual value of the package’s contents). However, it’s probably not worth the risk of having it denied and returned. If they do send you something (i.e. clothes, books, etc.) make sure that they write “USED” and/or “For Personal Use ONLY” on the customs form when they send it. Also make sure they claim no more than FIFTY DOLLARS for the package’s commercial value. Otherwise, you will most likely have to fill out a declaración jurada and pay a customs taxes when it arrives here in Spain.
The Embassy has told us that in accordance with regulations followed by European Union countries, all packages coming into Spain with a reported value over  FIFTY DOLLARS ($50) will be charged for VAT Tax and customs fees (and may go through a Customs Agent service). Even used clothes have to undergo certain paperwork and charges.

  • Packages with a value of less than FIFTY DOLLARS ($50) may no longer be subjected to import controls.  The package will be delivered directly to the recipient, who will pay any import charges upon delivery.

In all other cases, you will receive an “Aviso de Llegada” from the post office.  Directions explaining how and where to claim your package once it has passed through security controls and how to pay your customs fees will be listed on this “aviso”.  For more information, call 91 833 10 00, or e-mail

For more information about receiving packages in Spain, please read this webpage: Procedures and Regulations for Receiving Packages in Spain.