Cultural Reimbursement

Boston University in Madrid encourages students to take advantage of cultural enrichment opportunities throughout Spain by defraying the cost of participating in such activities. 

The BU office at the International Institute invites students to turn in their receipts from Spanish cultural activities that they have participated in during the semester! The specific dates of reimbursement days will be published in the Facebook Group and the  ¿Qué Pasa? newsletter.

Students on the program are reimbursed up to a maximum of 7€ per receipt they turn in, and may be reimbursed multiple times for museums, exhibitions, theatre and dance performances, religious sites, tours, movies, and more, as long as they are Spanish cultural activities. Therefore, make sure you remember to ask for the receipt from the activity and then save it in a safe place - we can’t reimburse you without it! While not all activities are reimbursed, we hope that students still take advantage of a variety of opportunities while in Spain – just because it isn’t reimbursed, doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile!

If you have questions about reimbursements or qualifying activities, please come to the office and ask us. We’re here to help!

For directions, click here!

Admission Ticket Fully Reimbursed
  • La Alhambra (15,40 euros
  • La Mezquita de Córdoba  (8 euros)
  • El Palacio Real (10 euros)
  • El Escorial (10 euros)
  • La Sagrada Familia (17,30 euros)
ReimbursedOnly Once (7 euros)
  • A Soccer Game
  • A Bullfight
  • A Flamenco show
Non-culturalActivities: Not Reimbursed
  • Non-Spanish, or Non-Latin-American movies (even if it’s dubbed in Spanish)
  • Transportation:
    • neither to/from an activity nor as an activity itself:Metro, Bus, Cab, Cable cars (Teleférico/Funicular), Boat rides, Horse-Drawn Carriage, etc.
  • Theme parks (i.e. Parque Warner):
    • Zoos, Aquariums, Musicals, Meals (beyond the monthly stipend).
  • Any activity outside of Spain
  • Any activity deemed non-reimbursable by the BU Madrid staff.