Boston University Madrid Team

Our team is always on hand in the office to help students during their time in Madrid.

Amalia Pérez-Juez, PhD is the Director of Boston University programs in Spain (Madrid, Burgos, Menorca). She is involved in the academic and personal integration of American students in Spain, supervises all program operations, and works closely with Boston University faculty and administrators to keep the curriculum in Madrid up to date. She also teaches history and archaeology and is involved in different research projects.  Amalia earned her doctorate at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, where one of the BU programs is hosted, after having studied in France (Université de Grenoble and Université de Poitiers) and the US (Boston University). She is also an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Archaeology at Boston University.


Amalia Pérez-Juez,

Pilar Sánchez has worked for the Madrid Program since 1985. Her work as the program’s Assistant Director includes generally assistance for students during their stay in Spain, preparation of program trips and semester schedules, faculty contracts, finance and operations management, oversee the maintenance and development of the program’s website and the database, resource planning and other operation responsibilities. Pilar studied Fashion Design and she is passionate about the world of art, literature and travel.


Pilar Sánchez,

Assistant Director

Miky de Miguel has coordinated housing for Madrid students since 2007, having  working with students from Georgetown University since 1995. Miky is responsible for all questions regarding student housing during their stay in Madrid, and she is always on hand to ensure that students are as comfortable and happy as possible. She also develops and maintains the program’s database. Miky has a degree in Biological Sciences from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. She enjoys reading, cooking, basketball, and above all spending time with her family and friends.

Miky de Miguel,

Housing Coordinator

Gabriela Irma Navarro is the Student Life Coordinator in our Madrid Program. Gabriela completed a dual bachelor’s degree (in Psychology and Spanish) and went on to  investigate interaction and anxiety during second language learning for her MA in Spanish Linguistics, which she received from San Diego State University. Gabriela spent time as a study abroad student in Spain and Costa Rica and gained experience in study abroad administration at San Diego State, Universidad Complutense and Universidad de Nebrija. Currently, Gabriela is developing the cultural and social program at BU Madrid. She enjoys reading, rollerskating, dining out, and exploring Madrid with her husband and dog.


Gabriela Irma Navarro, 
Student Life Coordinator

Rebecca Moy is the Student Academic Coordinator in the Madrid office.  She completed her BA in Journalism and Spanish at Marist College and went on to receive her MA at San Diego State University in Interpersonal Communication, specializing in Intercultural Studies. Six  years after completing her own semester abroad in Spain, she returned to Madrid and has been living here ever since. Before joining the Madrid team, she worked as an English Instructor, Editor, Translator, Copywriter, and as a User Support Specialist at a social network. She dedicates her free time to travel and spending time with friends in Madrid.


Rebecca Moy,  
Academic Coordinator

Blanca San Vicente is a sophomore student at the UAM student and is currently studying the Biology degree. She will be working with Boston University throughout the academic year to help BU students with the adaptation process at the UAM. In 2012 she studied in Boston with an exchange with Milton Academy. She likes to read, go to the cinema and play basketball.