Madrid Internship Program (L2)

The Madrid Level II Internship Program offers students the opportunity to enhance their Spanish language skills while fully immersed in the Spanish work culture. All students should provide their academic advisors with information on course offerings. Students should also confirm in advance with their academic advisors which courses must be taken for major, minor, and departmental requirements, and which courses may be taken for elective credit.

Program Curriculum: The program consists of three academic courses taught by local university professors, exclusively in Spanish, at the well-known International Institute in Madrid in addition to the internship.The assigned position is based on the students’ designated area of  interests and the available positions in Madrid during that semester; past internships have included work in art galleries, museums, finance organizations, NGOs, national embassies, bakeries, hospitals, speech-therapy clinics, biology labs, elementary and language schools, and journalism.  For more information about internships, visit EUSA Madrid’s website.

Required Course: The internship is comprised of two components: a placement at a Spanish company for 15 to 20 hours per week and participation in an academic seminar (that comprises 80% of the final internship grade). The internship course has four major components:

  • The internship itself:
  • A highly structured, midterm oral briefing
  • Two fieldwork interview assignments to gain understanding of the essential factors that contribute to finding work in Spain as well as to becoming part of the workforce, as well as the aspects that affect and contribute to the current Spanish labor environment
  • A final reflective and analytical written report, evaluating the student’s personal, professional, and academic development during the internship

Upon successful completion of the program, students earn sixteen Boston University credits. Students must enroll for a total of sixteen credits.

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