End of Semester


When are my final exams?
Find the final exams calendar here!

Where can I study?


When will I get to see my grades?
Shortly after final exams, BU Madrid will send all final grades to Boston University in Boston. BU sends students a copy of their unofficial transcript, usually within a few weeks of receiving the grades. Students may then access Student Link to view their grades. Boston University does not send final grades to students’ home universities. Students are responsible for turning in their final grades to their universities according to the criteria and process specified by the university if they so desire.

Why did I receive an incomplete?
Don’t worry if you received an incomplete for your internship class. The most common reason this happens is because your supervisor did not hand in his/her evaluation in a timely manner and therefore BU Madrid cannot give you a final grade for the class. As soon as the evaluation is received, your grade will be changed automatically. For other questions and/or concerns, contact Amalia directly (amaliapj@bu.edu).  

How do I receive an official transcript?
Students may request official transcripts from the Boston University Office of the Registrar.


Until when can I stay at my homestay?
BU Madrid 2015 Fall students can stay with their homestays until December 18th; students are responsible for their own accommodation after the program. 

Housing Evaluations
Please fill out the housing questionnaire before departure (and send it back to Miky!); these evaluations are extremely important for us and future students!


What about the group flight back?

  • You should be getting an e-ticket confirmation via email 10-21 days prior to departure. If you have any questions about your flight back to the United States you can contact Susan Gordon (sgordon@advantagecny.com).
  • Also, be careful when packing your suitcases – you will have to pay for overweight baggage or for having too many bags. Normally, credit cards are accepted, but it would be a good idea to have cash for this too just in case. You can find your airline’s regulations and fees on their website.
  • Lastly, for flights to the United States, we recommend arriving at the airport at least three hours in advance.

How to get to the airport?

  • BU Madrid does not organize transportation to the airport for the group flight.
    • No matter when your flight is, you are responsible for your own transportation to the airport.
  • There are many ways you can get to the airport, just click here for more info!
  • Don’t forget to save enough cash (from your transportation stipend) for whatever transportation you choose to the airport. 

Need to ship something home?

  • Contact SPARBER! 91 521 68 91