Academic Support Services

Language Exchange

The school of Humanities (Filosofía y Letras) has a language exchange program which pairs up students of different linguistic backgrounds based on their levels and preferences. This is a great way to meet other UAM students and practice your Spanish! Read more about the Intercambio de Conversación here.

Language Service

BU Madrid students take a test at the beginning of the semester to gauge their level of Spanish, and they may enroll in a Spanish language class to improve their communication skills. Classes tend to be quite fun and activity oriented, and students always make friends with other international students. In the advanced classes, students may study to take the DELE (Diploma del español como lengua extranjera) exam, sponsored by the Instituto Cervantes. A DELE certification is very useful for future applications that have language requirements.

Servicio de Idiomas

Pabellón A. Cdad. Universitaria de Cantoblanco
28049 Madrid – España

Secretary Hours :
Monday to Thursday: 9:30-14:00; 16:00-18:00. Friday: 9:30-13:30
Verano: 9:30-14:00. Viernes: 9:30-13:30


BU Madrid offers a tutorial program for their students at the university. We recommend that students search for tutors as soon as possible in order to improve their chances of receiving a higher grade. BU Madrid students can ask their classmates or have their professors recommend students for extra help. Boston University will pay for the tutorial cost. Tutors help students participating in Boston University’s Madrid Program with the organization of their class notes, studying for exams and written work. Tutors are not allowed to complete students’ work. Their main purpose is to provide information on how to study and the best ways to improve one’s work in order to succeed in the Spanish University system.

Mentor Program

Students in the UAM’s school of Economic and Business Sciences (Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales) have the opportunity to participate in their Programa Mentor, in which foreign students are matched with Spanish students who help orient them to social, bureaucratic, and academic aspects of life at the UAM. Read more about this program here.