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Center for Health, Environment and Justice
Phone: (703) 237-2249
The Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ) was founded in 1981, as the Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Waste (CCHW), by Lois Gibbs, the key community leader at Love Canal. CHEJ seeks to help local citizens and organizations come together and take an organized, unified stand in order to hold industry and government accountable and work toward a healthy, sustainable future.

New York State Department of Health
Phone: (800) 458-1158 (NYSDOH Center for Environmental Health)
The NYSDOH web site includes a bibliography of documents on Love Canal and links to preliminary results of follow-up health studies on Love Canal residents.

State University of New York at Buffalo
Ecumenical Task Force of the Niagara Frontier - Love Canal Collection

The Ecumenical Task Force of the Niagara Frontier, Inc. (ETF), was founded in early 1979 by the interfaith community of Western New York in response to the hazardous waste crisis of the Love Canal. Its initial objectives were to provide direct aid to Love Canal residents, provide an advocacy voice for the religious community on behalf of the residents, to inform religious communities of the issues, and to work toward long-range solutions to the chemical waste problems locally and throughout the country.

ETF collected extensive documentation from 1979-1991 (97 Cartons; 145.5 linear feet) of the toxic waste controversies associated with the Love Canal and related toxic waste sites in Niagara County, New York. The reports in the resource file and elsewhere in the records include draft documents, photocopied statements prepared by Love Canal residents, scientists and ETF members for hearings on the Love Canal, speeches, consultant reports, journal articles, newspaper clippings, printed reports, and court documents.

This web site provides lists of the contents of their 97 cartons, along with numerous on-line resources and documents.

State University of New York at Buffalo
Science and Engineering Library – Love Canal @ 25

The Science and Engineering Library at the University at Buffalo provides a virtual exhibit recounting the chemical contamination of Love Canal and what has happened in the 25 years since citizens were evacuated from the site. “Love Canal @ 25” places into a historical perspective the role information has played in the ongoing saga of Love Canal.

Online Ethics Center
This site is run by the Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science at Case Western Reserve University. It contains information on what happened at Love Canal and links to other on-line resources. It includes a short narrative about some of the Love Canal health studies.

US Environmental Protection Agency
The US EPA has various documents on Love Canal.

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