Tier 4 Visas – Student Responsibilities

As a Tier 4 Sponsor we are required to report students to the UKVI (Home Office) if:

  • Students do not attend class
  • Students change address
  • Students leave the programme early.

All colleges and universities granted a Tier 4 sponsor licence have had to agree to specific sponsor duties including reporting immigration matters to the UKVI (Home Office).

These duties are outlined in Annex 2 of the Tier 4 Points Based System – Policy Guidance


The main situations in which your institution will report you to the UKVI (Home Office) are:

  • You have successfully obtained immigration permission as a Tier 4 (General) student using a CAS, and you do not enrol on the course before the last day of the enrolment period.
  • You fail to attend a class or lecture, or submit work for a specific number of times, and your institution has not agreed to your absence or non-submission of work.
  • You defer, postpone or take a break from your studies for any reason.
  • You change to a shorter course, or you complete your studies early.
  • You withdraw from your studies before you have finished your course.

The UKVI (Home Office) can bring your immigration permission to an end early if they are notified of one of these issues. This means, it is very important that, as far as possible, you attend all your classes and lectures and submit coursework when it is due. If you have problems doing this, you should let a member of staff, for example, your tutor or student adviser, know as soon as possible so that you can discuss your options with them.

It is very important that you notify your institution if you are ill and cannot attend or submit work, or if you have to miss your academic commitments for any other reason. Your institution may ask you to submit further evidence to confirm the reason for your absence, for example a letter from your doctor.

If you decide to leave your course early, you must also tell your institution. If you are returning home or going to a different institution to study, you should let the first institution know so that they can pass this information on to the UKVI (Home Office). This means that it is clear to everyone whether or not you are still studying in the UK.