Students Visa Information

ESSENTIAL:  The first part of the information is for US nationals. If you hold a passport from the UK/EU/EEA or from another country ie not USA or within the EEA please read the instructions below.

All students must hold a passport with at least 6 months duration when they arrive in the UK. If you do not have a passport or it is due to expire you must apply for a new passport.

Tier 4 Visa

London Internship Programme BU-SED
Graduate Mass Communication Graduate Journalist

If you are on the above programmes and do not hold an EEA passport you MUST apply for a Tier 4 visa.  Instructions will be sent out on how to apply once you have been accepted.

For further detail about Tier 4

In addition we advise that you print off the confirmation letter available in the pre-departure information at and take the return part of you ticket with you when you enter UK immigration.

Short Term Student Visitor Visa

BU CFA Theatre Summer term 1
LLA LLA Graphic Design
BU-Courtauld BU History track
BU Literature track BU London Geneva Conflict Resolution
BU MET Arts Administration BU London Paris Art and Architecture
Summer Legal Institute (depending on your nationality)

If you are on one of the above programmes you will need a Short Term Student Visitor visa.

When you arrive at UK immigration you will need:

  • The letter that will be sent to you by BU Study Abroad confirming your place on the programme and its duration, our sponsor licence number and the fact that you have paid all your tuition and housing costs to BU and
  • Your return ticket to the USA when you arrive in the UK.

Your passport should then be stamped with a student visitor visa.

For further detail

Students from the UK / EU / EEA

Students with a passport from the UK or the EEA do not need to apply for a visa.

Students from outside the USA / UK / EU / EEA

If you are classed as a VISA NATIONAL will need to apply for a Tier 4 visa.

The current list of visa nationals is at