London School of Education Programme (Fall)

Programme Overview

Course offering subject to change

General programme information may be found at Boston University Study Abroad.

Students are placed at schools throughout London through Roehampton’s placements office. Each student is appointed a tutor at Roehampton to monitor the student’s classroom performance and to act as a resource if the student has any questions or concerns. In addition to their teaching practicum, the students on this programme take the liberal arts course, CAS SO 301: British Education.

This course is taught by Roehampton faculty throughout the term and is scheduled around the students’ teaching hours.

Students will begin their full-time teaching placements during the third week in London. Over the course of the semester the student teacher will work with the cooperating teacher to increase their responsibility in the classroom. The practicum experience will culminate in a 2 week takeover; teaching all lessons, guiding transitions, completing markings, etc. Students are supported by their cooperating teachers as well as their practicum tutor. Evaluations will be conducted throughout the semester.

Pre-Registered for:
SED SO 301 Challenge and Change in British Education (4cr)
Internship Electives:
SED EC 553 Early Childhood Student Teaching (10cr Early Childhood)
SED CH 555 Student Teaching Practicum Elementary 1-6 (10cr Elementary)
SED XX* 507/9 Student Teaching Practicum Practicum 5-8 (8cr Secondary)
SED xx* 508/10 Student Teaching Practicum 8-12 (8cr Secondary)
SED SED 593 Practicum: Student with Special Needs, pre-K-8 (Variable Credits Secondary)

*Department code dependent upon secondary specialised teaching subject, i.e. Social Science, English, Science

Pre-departure Orientation

Staff Contact

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