College of General Studies in London (Fall)

Programme Overview

Course offering subject to change

General programme information may be found at Boston University Study Abroad.

This programme runs during the Fall only.  Shorter summer options are available in the Natural Science and Humanities fields.

All students are pre-registered for:
CGS HU 201 History of Western Ethical Philosophy (4cr)
CGS NS 201 Natural Sciences I: Evolution, Genes and Genomes (4cr)
CGS SS 201 Social Science III: Social Change and Modernization (4cr)
CGS BC 201 British Culture and Identity (3cr)
Students have the choice of the following electives:
CAS AH 381 London Architecture and Urbanism (4cr)
CAS EN 357 Modern British Drama: A Critic’s Perspective (4cr)
CAS EN 368 Seminar in Shakespeare Studies (4cr)
CAS EN 388 Contemporary British Literature (4cr)
CAS HI 253 London at War: From the Home Front to the Front Line (4cr)
CAS IR 392/HI 243 Britain and the European Question: The Confluence of History and Politics (4cr)
CAS PO 223 Issues in Contemporary Politics (4cr)
COM FT 317 British Cinema and Society (4cr)

Pre-departure Orientation


Staff Contact

If you have any queries about the College of General Studies in London Programme please contact Academic Affairs