Architecture and Urbanism Programme – Paris/London (Summer)

Programme Overview

General programme information may be found at Boston University Study Abroad.

Students will spend four weeks in Paris, completing one course before moving on to the remaining four weeks in London to complete the second course.

Students are pre-registered for:
CAS AH 383 Paris Architecture and Urbanism (4 cr) (Paris)
CAS AH 381 London Architecture and Urbanism (4 cr) (London)

Pre-departure Orientation

Staff Contact

If you have any queries about the Art and Architecture Programmes (London portion) please contact the Academic Office.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the historical development of architecture and urbanism in London and Paris with respect to the economic, cultural, and political history of each city.
  2. Articulate and account for points of similarity and difference in architecture and urbanism between London and Paris.
  3. Develop an awareness of cultural difference and an understanding of culture’s role in shaping beliefs, practices and perceptions.