Students are provided with comprehensive health and emergency travel assistance coverage through CISI International, as part of their program fee. The policy provides primary coverage to a limit of $250,000 for most medical costs, with no deductible.

Students will have to pay upfront and the follow CISI instructions to claim back. Coverage normally begins one day before the program’s official start date and ends one day after the program’s end date. Students may also purchase a 30-day extension of the coverage.

Download the CISI policy for a complete overview.  Boston University_GLM N0498321A_Comprehensive Plan Brochure and Claim Form_2014

Please pay particular attention to clauses relating to pre-existing conditions to determine whether this coverage meets your needs.

If you require assistance, your ID number is your CISI policy number: GLM N0498321A.You will need to reference that policy number, along with the name of the group (Boston University), your name, and birth date when contacting them.

CISI Phone:

+1 (312) 935-1703 (calling from outside of the U.S., collect calls accepted)

AXA email:

CISI service centers can be reached at any time by calling +1 (203) 399 5130 from anywhere in the world or email

We have an RA and a staff on call system. If you are unwell you should contact your RA. If you have an accident or require immediate care you should go to hospital. The nearest hospital is Chelsea and Westminster 396 Fulham Rd, SW10 PNH. If you need an ambulance you (or a friend or RA) should ring 999.

It is essential that you take care of yourself by eating well and getting sufficient sleep. Study abroad can be exciting and sometimes overwhelming. Keeping healthy is a key part of making your semester a success.

If you need to talk to someone about how you are feeling or any ongoing health issues our staff are ready to listen. Advice in a strictly medical situation should be obtained from a local doctor. Our staff can help point you to the appropriate people.

In the event that you need to see a specialist while in the UK as part of on-going support or treatment program, please do your best to organise it in advance from the US. Otherwise, we can refer you to our local doctor for further direction.