The backbone of our emergency procedure is a 24 hour a day on-call system as follows.

Every student has an ID card with the RA on call number. Alternatively, the staff at the Crofton front desk will call. The system is then:

  1. RA on call mobile number (1st line response) who then escalates to
  2. Staff on call (2nd line response) who then escalates to
  3. BU London Director (3rd line response)

At this point the Emergency Committee in London will either be called together or informed of the situation. Staff will also be contacted in BUSA for information and advice.

Student briefing

To ensure all students understand safety and security information they are required to attend a variety of on-site orientations on arrival in London. These sessions include:

Health and safety
Evacuation procedures
Medical and health issues
UK law overview from a Metropolitan police officer
Communication in emergencies
Student behaviour

Emergency numbers:

  • Emergency services: 999 (UK) Europe 112.
  • The RA on-call number: 0777 55 66 392
  • Doctors’ number: 0207 373 3541
  • BU London office number: 0207 244 6255
  • CISI: 001 312 935 1703 (calling from outside of the U.S., collect calls accepted)
  • CISI: (855)  327 1411 (calling toll-free from within the U.S.; NOTE: ­ This number can’t be dialed from outside the US)
  • BUSA 001 617 594-3215
  • US Embassy in London 020-7499-9000.
  • BU Police:  001 617-353-2121

Major emergency

In the event of a major emergency BU London staff will send out texts to all student cellphones. Students must reply to confirm if ok. Further instructions will follow.

Students who do not reply will be followed up by a telephone call to:

  1. Student mobile (cellphone) and/or
  2. Landline and/or supervisor if at internship
  3. Physically checking residence if in London
  4. Ringing hotel/hostel if overseas
  5. If no success asking friends/roommates/classmates

In the case of a major emergency we will have to rely on information available to us from the Police and emergency services. Our procedures will have to follow their instructions. Staff will monitor tv and internet reports.

If the internet is not usable BU London has two emergency telephone landlines:

020-7373 7996

020-7373 9430

If Harrington Gardens cannot be accessed because of closure by the emergency services staff will manage the situation from the Crofton.

If a student residence has to be evacuated students will be brought to Harrington Gardens and if the Crofton is closed the students will be spread between Harrington Gardens and the other residences. If overnight accommodation is required local hotels will be contacted and emergency bedding provided.


Fire drills are held in all buildings the morning after main arrivals and the first day of each class schedule.

If a fire alarm sounds all students must evacuate the buildings and follow instructions to gather at a muster point where attendance will be taken. Fire extinguishers are on all floors in every building. The emergency number for fire is 999.

Emergency Manual

BU London has a comprehensive emergency Manual covering many types of emergency and problem. Staff have been trained on using the manual using simulated emergency scenarios.

Personal emergency (illness, injury, passport etc)

If you or anyone you live/travel with has a medical emergency, loses a passport, or is a victim of crime please follow these instructions.

If the medical emergency is critical (or you need to contact the Police or Fire Brigade) phone the emergency services 999 (UK) 112 (Europe). Tell them which service (i.e. ambulance, fire, police) you require. You will be asked for your location and a brief description of the issue at hand. Note that in the UK there is no charge for an ambulance.

The next step is to ring the RA-On Call number  (0777 55 66 392) on your ID card and report what has happened. The RA-On Call will report to a member of staff who will take appropriate action. You can also report in to the security desk at the Crofton.

If your medical emergency is very serious, for example you are traveling at the weekend in another country and are very seriously injured or ill and you require assistance, your ID number is your CISI policy number: GLM N0498321A. You will need to reference that policy number, along with the name of the group (Boston University), your name, and birth date when contacting them. To follow is CISI contact information:


001 312 935 1703 (calling from outside of the U.S., collect calls accepted)

(855) 327-1411 (calling toll-free from within the U.S.; NOTE ­ This number cannot be dialled from outside the US)

Team Assist email: medassist-usa@axa-assistance.us

CISI service centers can be reached at any time by calling  from within the U.S., or by calling collect from anywhere in the world.

Lost or stolen passport

You must report this through RA on call immediately and to the local police and get a police report. In London you must be in touch with the US Embassy US Embassy in London 020-7499-9000.

If you have a Tier 4 Visa this will ned to be replaced, you must contact the office ASAP.