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Useful linguistic software and audiotapes available at

the Geddes Language Center



The following software may be used in Geddes,

upon presentation of your BU ID card

Here is the official listing of linguistics software available at Geddes.

For further detail, see below.

The sounds of the world's languages

Hypercard stack developed at the UCLA Phonetics Lab to illustrate and teach about the range of sounds used in human languages with material on more that 80 langauges. The set demonstrates particular highlights of the sound systems focusing especially on rarer sounds that students may not otherwise have a chance to hear from a native speaker.

LI 9.001.000

Theory of Language

Mac platform; PowerMac preferred; 16MB RAM minimum. MacOS 7.5 or higher. This program describes the many uses and theories of language. Separated into six "chapters," each of which contains interactive videos, demonstrations, and text.

LI 9.003.000

 Mouton Interactive Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology

CD-ROM for Mac or PC.

LI 9.004

Manual of articulatory phonetics

Audiotape: open reel

LI 5.009


Additional software available for use in Geddes,

upon presentation of your BU ID card:


For information about this program , see

SoundEdit 16

A simple program that allows sound recording. (For example, this program makes it possible for students to record sound clips of their own voice reading lists of words and then analyze the waveforms.)


Also available for students and faculty at BU are the following materials relevant for ASL linguistics

Here is the official listing of ASL software available at Geddes.

For further detail, see below.


SignStream version 2.0 (for MacOS only)

SignStream allows users to annotate video and audio language data in multiple parallel fields that display the temporal alignment and relations among events. It has been used most extensively for analysis of signed languages, including manual and non-manual (head, face, body) information; type of message (e.g. Wh-question); parts of speech; and spoken-language translations of sentences.

SignStream v.2, which allows display of up to 4 synchronized video files and a visual representation of the wave form of a synchronized sound file, runs on MacOS computers running System 8.0 or later and requires QuickTime version 3.0.2 or later. (It has not yet been tested with OS-X.) SignStream is being designed specifically for the study of signed languages and the gestural component of spoken languages; however, the tool may be applied more generally to video and/or audio language data. SignStream signed-language data sets are distributed on CD-ROM and through WWW data repository. Although the binary database files can only be read with SignStream, data may be exported to a text file. For some data sets, these text files are being made available via the Web.

This CD-ROM includes sample databases and program documentation.

More info is available at


ASL 9.001.000

ASLLRP SignStream Databases, vol. 1 (MacOS only; requires SignStream v. 2)

Databases (with digital video) for excerpts of several ASL stories distributed by DawnSignPress.


ASL 9.001.000

American Sign Language Linguistic Research Project: Electronic Publications, vol. 2.1 (for MacOS or Windows 95 or later)

Contains movie files associated with ASLLRP publications, as well as many of those publications themselves (including reports and doctoral dissertations) in pdf. Also contains information about SignStream, but not the application itself.


ASL 9.001.002

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