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Linguistics news feeds: http://linguistics.alltop.com

Major Topics


What is language?

What is linguistics?

What is linguistics??

Steve Pinker: Linguistics as a Window to Understanding the Brain

Linguistics in action: information plus humor :-)

Benefits of studying Linguistics

See information from the Linguistic Society of America:

Descriptive vs. prescriptive approaches

More on descriptive grammar vs. prescriptivism

Some sources for prescriptive information:
Grammar and Style Notes
The UVic Writer's Guide

And, in a less prescriptive vein:

the anti-pedantry page (including discussion of the singular "their " in Jane Austen and elsewhere)

Will I be arrested if I end a sentence with a preposition?

"The Decline of Grammar" by G. Nunberg


Sites of Significance to Semiotics

Excerpts from "Course in General Linguistics": the nature of the linguistic sign

on the arbitrary nature of the sign...: Sounds of the world's animals

another list (and here's a guide to animal sounds you can find on the web: http://thryomanes.tripod.com/AnimalSounds.html)

In French:

Le Cours de linguistique générale de Saussure (whole thing!)

On the double articulation of language

About Braille

Braille and other tactile writing systems


Hierarchical structure of words

On-line dictionaries

[ In French: la morphologie ]

Humor showing that not all morphological processes are productive: "How I met my wife"

Phonetics and Phonology

EXCELLENT: Phonetics Resources

Phonetics links

Sounds of Speech

Customizable Vocal Tract

Anatomy of the Vocal Tract

Seeing Speech ! - by IPA symbol

Interesting site: Vowels and Consonants (Ladefoged)
Want to see Ladefoged on the set of My Fair Lady teaching Rex Harrison about vowel symbols?

See the tongue position for vowels!

Video of vibrating vocal cords

Hear American English consonants and vowels

MRI Gallery of 3-D Vocal Tract Shapes
X-ray movies!!

Another X-ray movie page

X-ray videos from Ken Stevens's lab

From USC - "the flexible tongue"

Practice with transcription and reading IPA:

IPA practice, by Kevin Russell, University of Manitoba

The International Phonetic Alphabet

IPA Interactive Chart - hear the sounds

IPA symbols you can copy into your own documents: http://ipa.typeit.org/ (just English)
and http://ipa.typeit.org/full/ (all the IPA symbols)

Would you like IPA fonts for your own computer?

Intro to Phonetics


Canadian Raising

Tones and intonation

McGurk Effect


parts of speech

See: http://arts.uottawa.ca/writingcentre/en/hypergrammar/the-parts-of-speech


Purdue: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/730/01/


Grammar, by Sandy Chung and Geoff Pullum of the University of California, Santa Cruz

On-line grammars

You have to pay your Syntax

Language Typology

Language diversity, by Bernard Comrie

Semantics PragmaticsDiscourse analysis 

Language and social interaction

Meaning, by Bill Ladusaw

Some thoughts on metaphors: Metaphors We Compute By (by John Lawlor)

Some philosophical approaches to language (by Liberman and Sankoff)

Other semantics links:

  • Kai von Fintel's list semantics Web page: includes home pages of individual researchers (many with on-line papers available) as well as "other places to find good stuff"
  • semanticsarchive.net: site For exchanging papers of interest to natural language semanticists; also includes links to other semantics resources.

Language in society     Language variation         Check out this sociolinguistics bibliography      

Sociolinguistics (PBS)

Sociolinguistics - a blog

Language policy in Quebec

Electronic Resources for English Language Study

Varieties of English

Dialect survey

Cambridge Online Sruvey of World Englishes

The Phonological Atlas of North America and a National Map of the Regional Dialects of American English

International Dialects of English Archive (IDEA)

Walt Wolfram's North Carolina Language and Life Project

You will find audio files to accompany his new book: Walt Wolfram and Erik Thomas, The development of African American English. (Blackwell Publishers, 2002)

"You'll find a map with different sites. If you click on the Hyde County site you'll find 4 generations of African Americans within the same family. On the Ocracoke site, right across the Pamlico Sound, you'll find samples of white speakers with a similar "brogue" You should also find samples of Muzel Bryant, the African American speaker born in 1904 on the Ocracoke site. Just click and it will give you options of what you want to hear."

American Dialects

Dialects and Linguistics Web sites

American Dialect Links

Varieties of English

Canadian dialects

British dialects

English in other parts of the world

Language Varieties

New: See the Speech Accent Archive

This site examines the accented speech of speakers from many different language backgrounds reading the same sample paragraph. Currently, they have obtained 196 speech samples.

William Labov

Language change

History of the English language

Grimm's Law

See it!

Fairy tale

Pidgins and creoles

Pidgins and Creoles

Pidgins and Creole languages

The study of pidgin and Creole languages (P. Muysken and N. Smith)


Norfolk Island and more on same

The Norfolk language

English Creole of Sierra Leone: proverbs and stories in Krio; Montserrat Creole; Tok Pisin (Papua, New Guinea) dictionary

Language Varieties

Interesting sites:

Spoken and written systems

Ancient Scripts of the World

Writing systems of the world

Sites on Writing Systems

What's the difference between spoken and written language?
by William Bright

An Owed to the Spelling Checker

Signed languages

Sign language links

See also the American Sign Language Linguistic Research Project: http://www.bu.edu/asllrp/

Language acquisition

Boston University Conference on Language Development

Information about ESL, EFL

Critical period:

About Genie: NOVA "Secret of the Wild Child" http://watchdocumentary.org/watch/secret-of-the-wild-child-video_b40ffc230.html

NOVA transcript: "Secret of the Wild Child"

Language processing

Brain and language

Neurology and Pathology of Language: an excerpt from an on-line course at UPenn

"Conversations with Neil's Brain" by Calvin and Ojemann

Neurolinguistics, by Lise Menn

Slips of the Tongue: Windows to the Mind
, by Victoria Fromkin

Links that may be of interest, possibly related to students' projects

Ebonics :

Full text of the Oakland School Board Resolution
Writings on the Ebonics issue
Labov's testimony on Ebonics

Links about the Ebonics controversy

Language and evolution:

Language and communication, a biological perspective (by Liberman and Sankoff)

Language and gender:

Gender (by Liberman and Sankoff)

Playful and artistic uses of language

Language games, song, verse (by Liberman and Sankoff)

List of references

Can chimpanzees talk ?

Other interesting links


LSA YouTube Archive

Rosetta Project

Lexicon of linguistics

The Human Languages Page

Links for lots of languages

Corpus linguistics and corpora available over the Internet / A Crash Course in Corpus Linguistics

Invented languages / Esperanto

A language construction kit

Endangered languages and more on endangered languages


Languages of the World

Information on Native American languages


More Collections of Links:


General Linguistics Internet Resources



Other links related to linguistics

For more linguistic fun, check out the following links:

 The Language Log

The Eclectic Company: Language and Linguistics

Have you found other interesting linguistics links? Let us know...
We will be delighted to add them !!! Thanks.


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