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April 27, 2006

Winding down

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Well, it’s been something of a marathon this semester, but it looks like we made it. Thanks, folks, for a good class!

There’s just one thing left, which is the take-home final, which works as discussed in class. I’ll still be answering emails (perhaps faster now that there aren’t further classes to prepare), and I’ll be in my office at least during the following times (but other times as well):

Fri 4/28 1-2pm
Mon 4/30 2-3pm
Tue 5/01 2-3pm
Thu 5/03 2-3pm

As for getting me your final, you can either drop by and give it to me sometime when I’m in my office, or you can email it to me, or you can leave it for me at the front desk in 718 Comm Ave, and they’ll get it into my mailbox.

Have a good finals period, and then a great summer!

I may continue to post here for a little bit longer if there are questions about the final that are worth clarifying for everyone, so you may want to check back once or twice more..

April 10, 2006

Leher Singh talk (Wed 4/12 5pm)

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If you’ve got some time Wednesday afternoon, come hear Prof. Leher Singh talk about infant speech perception. It’s sure to be interesting..!

Infant speech perception and early language acquisition
Leher Singh
Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, BU Sargent College

Are you curious about how infants begin the task of learning a first language? The BU Undergraduate Linguistics Association invites you to a presentation by BU Professor Leher Singh, who will discuss her research on infant speech perception and language acquisition. Join us on Wednesday, Apr. 12 at 5pm in CAS 313. Light refreshments will be served!

April 6, 2006

Note: I’ll be out of range this weekend

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Just to give you a tiny bit of advance notice: This weekend (from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening), I’ll be without email access. I’ll try to catch up as well as I can on Sunday evening when I’m back. So, if I’m not answering your email during that time, I’m not ignoring you, I probably just won’t have seen it yet.

March 17, 2006

Graduating and looking for something to do next year?

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Our colleagues at the University of Maryland at College Park asked us to circulate this announcement for the Baggett Fellowships that they have available next year. If you’re graduating after this semester and are interested in doing research in Linguistics or Cognitive Science for a year, they have a couple of (paid) positions available. The deadline for application in April 18 (and College Park has a very good Linguistics department, it would be a great environment to take a year in). Anyway, check out the details if it sounds interesting to you.

March 3, 2006

Homework amnesty

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Reiterating what I said in class, if you’re missing a homework here or there, you can take the time over spring break to catch up, and I’ll take them after the break. There’s no new homework for over the break, so this is a good time to get caught up if you aren’t.

March 1, 2006

Giannakidou talk, Harvard 4pm

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Anastasia Giannakidou will be giving a talk at Harvard that’s somewhat related to things we’ll start talking about after the break.

Title: (In)definiteness, polarity, and the role of wh-morphology in free choice.
When: Friday, March 3, 4-6pm
Where: Harvard, Boylston Hall, Fong Auditorium (first floor)

The abstract for the talk is available online. It’s a semantics talk, about the use of wh-words as free choice items. It’s likely to be pitched at a pretty high level, but if you happen to be in the area, you might check it out.

It’s close to the Harvard Sq. T stop. Head into Harvard Yard, Boylston is next to Widener library, on the side closest to the T stop. The auditorium is right on the first floor, it should be pretty easy to locate once you’re in the building. If you’re Quicktime-enabled, you might be able to see a 3D panorama of the entrance (you’ll be in front of the Boylston stairs).

February 22, 2006

HW5: No=ka

Filed under: Homework notes — Paul Hagstrom @ 7:39 pm

Just a quick note about the Japanese examples in (7): They all have a question particle, but it sounds like no rather than ka. The assumption that everybody who works on Japanese syntax makes is essentially that no is just an alternative way to pronounce the question particle ka, so you can just treat it as if it were ka (in fact, I very often forget to notice this and even refer to no as “ka“). I may not have made that as explicit as I should have in class.

Historically, the question particle no is most likely a short form of no desu ka, which is probably a clausal nominalizer, the verb be, and the familiar question particle ka.

February 17, 2006

HW5: Nomura, not Nemoto

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It appears that, as I was typing up the homework in the wee hours of Thursday morning, I inadvertently referred to Nemoto, rather than to Nomura. The generalizations (Nomura’s) that are relevant for the homework are the ones about the order of topics, ka-marked wh-words, and nominative-marked subjects.

February 14, 2006

Harvard’s 4th Undergrad Ling Colloq

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Harvard’s undergrad linguists are having themselves a conference, to which any other undergrad linguists are invited to send abstracts proposing either a discussion topic or a short talk you could give on your own research. The conference is in late April, the abstract deadline is mid-March. If you’ve got something you’ve been working on, this would be a nice and relatively low-pressure group to bring it to. Or, you can just go to it in April. You can see what happened at previous colloquia at the LinG web site.

Here’s the real announcement:


Call for Papers
for the 4th Annual Undergraduate Linguistics Colloquium at Harvard
on the Harvard University campus, Cambridge, Massachusetts
April 22-23, 2006

The colloquium was initiated with the goal of developing an intercollegiate community of linguistics enthusiasts at the undergraduate level. In keeping with this broad aim, the conference is open to all interested students regardless of area of interest or level of training. Professor Marc Hauser of Harvard University will be featured as our keynote speaker, and undergraduates will also have the opportunity to present their own research. Student submissions are encouraged in a range of linguistic disciplines including, but not limited to, syntax, phonology, historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, and psycholinguistics.

Undergraduates of all levels of expertise are invited to submit one-page abstracts proposing a roundtable discussion or a talk of not more than twenty minutes. (All participants must be pursuing a B.A., B.S., or equivalent degree.)

E-mailed abstracts (and questions!) will be accepted at:

The final deadline for receipt of all submissions is March 17, 2006.

Registration information will be available at the Harvard Undergraduate Linguistics Group website.

Longer homework cycle

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The out-Thursday-in-Tuesday homework cycle that I’ve been following in this class is relatively arbitrary, it’s just what I did in Syntax I. I was reminded today, though, that this does leave very little time for questions, meetings, office hours, etc. before a homework is due. So, from now on I’ll give each one a week instead of the current 5 days, the homeworks will go out on Thursdays and be due on Thursdays.

And for this past HW 4, if you feel like you rushed through it (or didn’t get to it at all), it’s ok to turn in a replacement/addendum on Thursday too.

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