BU Linguistics Alumni Survey


Calling all Linguistics alumni:

We would really appreciate your participation. Thanks!

We are grateful for assistance from the BU Alumni Association in
helping us get word out to all of you. But please note that this
initiative comes solely from the Linguistics faculty and has no
connection with the BU Alumni Office. Your responses will be
accessible only to the BU Linguistics faculty and will not be shared.

We have received a few replies from people asking to be kept informed about future developments with respect to the program and/or a reunion but who did not leave their contact information. Please leave your name and email address (which will not be used for any purpose other than what you have requested, nor shared with anyone without your explicit authorization) if you want to receive further email from us.

You can also update that information by emailing linguistics@bu.edu. Thanks.


Visit the Alumni page - and send us your news : http://ling.bu.edu/people/alumni
View the Linguistics Program page: http://ling.bu.edu