Classes & Instruction

Librarians can help your class with presentations at the library or in your classroom. Some things we can present on include:

  • Using our website for research tools and databases
  • Discuss strategies for finding, evaluating, and using information
  • Introduce students to bibliographic tools such as RefWorks

Students can also make one-on-one appointments with librarians throughout the semester. Additionally, a librarian can develop a course guide for your students.

When contacting us about instruction, please include the following:

  • Your name and an email address or phone number.
  • Course name and number.
  • Number of students in the class.
  • Day, date, and time you would like to bring classes to the library.
  • Specific research tools you wish to include in the instructional session.

For information about class instruction, please contact:

African Studies Library

Beth Restrick 617-353-3726
Alumni Medical Library David Flynn 617-358-4939
Astronomy Library

David Fristrom 617-358-4124
Law Library

Stefanie Weigmann 617-358-4997
Mugar Memorial Library

Ken Liss 617-358-4064

Music Library

Holly Mockovak 617-353-3705
Pardee Management Library

Kathleen Berger 617-353-4312
Pickering Educational Resources Library

Daniel Benedetti 617-353-3735
School of Theology Library Stacey Duran 617-353-5357
Science & Engineering Library

David Fristrom 617-358-4124