How Scientists Do Their Work

July 28th, 2015 in Feature

The Science Boot Camp is a meeting of information professionals and scientists held every year in the Northeast.  At Boot Camp, librarians and other non-scientists learn about different fields of scientific inquiry and how the scientists in those areas conduct research.  Even if you aren’t an information professional, the videos of Boot Camp talks can give you a good introduction to fields with which you aren’t acquainted.  This year, Bowdoin College hosted the event, inviting scientists in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, marine science, and ornithology to share knowledge of their disciplines.  You can find the videos on the Science Boot Camp YouTube channel.

FYSOP 2015: Homelessness & Housing

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r20141010-populationmapFind Journal Articles

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Child Homelessness


Boston Healthcare for the Homeless

Boston Public Health Commission

Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless

National Center on Family Homelessness

U.S. Conference of Mayors Hunger and Homelessness Survey

SAR HP353: Organization and Delivery of Health Care in the US

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Welcome! This guide is designed to help you get started with your research for SAR HP353. Please contact me (; 617-358-3965) if I can offer any assistance. I look forward to working with you!

Quick Tips

  • To find the full-text of articles, click on the sfxfind icon in our databases. Watch me retrieve full-text in PubMed in this video. If you need an article or book that BU Libraries does not own, request it for free through interlibrary loan.
  • To find a specific journal title at BU, search our collection of electronic journals.
  • Stay organized during your lit review! Try using Zotero, RefWorks, or EndNote to help keep track of your citations and generate bibliographies.


Websites can be an excellent source of up-to-date statistics and publications from research institutes or organizations.

Journal Databases

All these databases are sources of peer-reviewed publications.

Other Useful Guides

CELOP: English for Design

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Prepared by: Ruth Thomas, Art History Librarian, Mugar Memorial Library
Email  for assistance and appointments/Mugar Research Center 617-353-3704
July 22, 2015


Book Catalogs

BULS: Boston University Libraries Search
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Search by article title for a full-text article found in a book’s or another
article’s bibliography (references, works cited, footnotes).  If not availabe, then…
Search by name of journal*, for the article which may be available in a print journal.

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Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals (Online)

Art Index Retrospective (1929-1984) and Art Full Text (1983 to present)

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Research Guides

Boston University Mugar Library Art and Architecture Electronic Resources

Harvard Graduate School of Design Frances Loeb Library Research Guide


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Find A Journal*

Type the name of the journal in the BULS search box.  Architectural design.

Notice how important it is to check the year in the citation of the article!  This journal has two entries in the catalog!

When you click    Find online    you get this:

When you click on   Find in library   you get this:

Request Options: |If you “sign in” you will see here a button “Get it from another library” which takes you to the Interlibrary Loan form.

  • Location
  • Mugar   Stacks   NA1 .F30
    Holdings: V.22(1952), V.33(1963)
  • Location
  • Mugar   Stacks   NA1 .F30
  • Holdings:
  • V.41(1971)-V.77(2007) V. 81 no.5 (2011)
    LACKING: v.47#2


New displays in the Music Library

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Now appearing in our listening room: new displays created by our very own grad student employee Brett Kostrzewski. These beautifully curated exhibits feature material in the BU music collection and include QR codes that invite you to interact with the information further. Brett has also added signs to our stacks that highlight the resources found there and facilitate physical browsing of our collection. New material is appearing all summer, so come visit us and see these wonderful displays in person.

Featured Resource: CQ Researcher

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CQ Researcher CQ Researcher is an in-depth resource that covers the most current and controversial issues of the day.  The database includes summaries, pros and cons, bibliographies and more.  It is also noted for its unbiased coverage of health, social trends, criminal justice, international affairs, education, the environment, technology, and the economy.

If you need help with your research, please contact a reference librarian.

Health & Rehabilitation Sciences

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Welcome! This guide is designed to help Sargent College students and faculty get started with research on a variety of subject areas. Please contact me (; 617-358-3965) if I can offer any assistance. I look forward to working with you!

Key Resources

Get Started with your research by searching these core databases in the health sciences. For a more detailed overview of databases, websites, and other resources, explore the more in-depth research guides featured on this page.

Research Guides by Topic Area

Course Guides

Featured Resource: Economist Intelligence Unit

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EIU logoThe Economist Intelligence Unit database provides access to EIU Publications such as Country Reports, Country Commerce, ViewsWire, and Country Finance. Each country page in the database provides forecast updates and featured analysis on economic and political events as well as content pertaining to market opportunities, government regulations and the financial services sector.

If you need any help searching the EIU database, please contact the reference librarians at the Pardee Library Services Desk at (617) 353-4304.

For the latest Pardee Library news, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

New Horizons Probe Passes Pluto

July 14th, 2015 in Feature

Nasa Photo of PlutoThe spacecraft New Horizons flew within 13,000 km of Pluto at 8:03 am on Tuesday, July 14th, 2015. This is the first time a human artifact has had a close encounter with the dwarf planet. The spacecraft is so far from earth that it takes about four and a half hours for light to travel the distance. A signal from New Horizons confirming a successful encounter is expected around 9pm Tuesday evening, and the the first of many images and readings it would have taken during the fly by are expected to start arriving around 3pm on Wednesday.

Images as they are received should appear on the NASA website.

Enliven a presentation with an image from a childhood favorite

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wildthRemember Good Night Moon, Dr. Seuss, and The Snowy Day?  The Pickering Educational Resources Library has these and others, and scanning in the library is free.

The site Education World offers some great copyright guidelines for educators.

Specifically in regard to picture books, this guideline seems most appropriate: educators, under most circumstances, can copy “an excerpt from a work that combines language and illustrations, such as a children’s book, not exceeding two pages or 10 percent of the work, whichever is less.”