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Bibliographic Management Tools

There are several tools you can use to create bibliographies, organize your citations, format research papers, and share information sources with others.


Boston University students, staff, and faculty can create RefWorks accounts.  Alumni can access accounts they have created while students at BU.  Once they are no longer affiliated with BU, new alumni accounts cannot be created.

RefWorks allows you to:

  • Import citations from research databases and BU Libraries Search
  • Organize citations into folders and sub-folders
  • Create bibliographies using over 3000 citation styles
  • Format your research paper while writing in Microsoft Word (using the Write-n-Cite plug-in)
  • Share your citations with others

Learn how to use RefWorks with these tutorials.

When accessing RefWorks off-campus, you will need to enter a group code in order to authenticate yourself as a Boston University user.  You can find the group code here.

Instructions for installing Write-n-Cite can be found here.

EndNote Basic

EndNote Basic is a bibliographic management tool available via the database Web of Science.  Please note that EndNote Basic is a web-based bibliography manager that differs from the EndNote desktop application.  The Boston University Libraries does not provide support for the desktop version of EndNote.  With Endnote Basic you can:

  • Collect and organize citations into groups
  • Share your citations with others
  • Create bibliographies in many different citation styles
  • Format your research paper while writing in Microsoft Word (using the Cite While You Write plug-in)

To create an account or log on to EndNote Web, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Web of Science database: Web of science
  2. Click on My EndNote Web
  3. Enter your e-mail address and password in the space provided.  If you do not already have an account, click Register and follow the instructions.

After logging on, you will be directed back to Web of Science.

Learn how to use EndNote Web with these online tutorials.  You can find answers to common EndNote-related questions on this FAQ page.  Please note: It is not possible at this time to search the BU Libraries collections via EndNote Basic, but you can export citations from BU Libraries Search to EndNote using the Save/Email option to the right of each search result.


Mendeley is a free reference manager and PDF organizer.  Mendeley’s features include:

  • PDF annotation and highlighting
  • Organization and sharing of your PDFs, including annotations, with others
  • Bibliography formatting using over 1,000 journal citation styles
  • Personal profile building that allows you to showcase your research


Zotero is a free, web browser-based toll that allows you to:

  • Create a library of self-indexed files, including PDFs, images, video, and more
  • Tag items in your library for easy grouping and retrieval
  • Format manuscripts and bibliographies in over 1,000 journal citation styles
  • Form and join research groups that share access to a common file library

Zotero includes several common citation styles when downloaded.  You can download more here:


Quick Bibliography Generators