ebrary & downloads

Description: ebrary hosts a wide variety of titles from publishers across many disciplines. You may need to use additional software/plugins to view and use all available functions. Most ebrary books can be used by unlimited users at a time. You may use a book online, or download it to use offline for 1 or 2-weeks.

Accounts: You do not need an ebrary account to view a book online, however to utilize functions such as annotation, printing or downloading, you will need to create an ebrary account and sign in. You will need an Adobe Digital Editions account to download a book for offline reading or to use the mobile app.

Plug-in Software:

ebrary QuickView Reader:

  • The ebrary QuickView Reader runs within your web browser and works with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. This should launch automatically. You do not need to create an account or log in, unless you want to download, print, annotate, etc.

Adobe Editions:

  • Necessary if you wish to download a book for offline reading.

ebrary mobile app:

  • Not necessary to use ebrary, but allows more seamless access and direct searching.
  • iPad/iPhone app; Android app. You will need to enter your ebrary and Adobe Editions account information in the Settings.

Simultaneous Users: Most titles allow for unlimited simultaneous users; some titles however are limited to single a user at a time.

Printing: Publishers dictate limits on printing, copying and downloading.ebrary now offers the following two download options for offline access to ebrary content:

  • Create an image PDF of a specific chapter or page range.
  • Learn more: http://support.ebrary.com/?p=655
    • Same page limits as for printing.
    • Accessible on most computers and devices, including the Kindle.
    • Additional software is typically not needed.
    • Files do not expire.
    • Unfortunately the image quality is somewhat reduced in these PDFs.

Downloading: Download an entire document as an e-book in Adobe Digital Editions

* Access expires and the books disappear from the user’s computer/device at the end of the loan period, but you can “return” the book early making it available to another person.
Reading offline:
Viewable w/ iPad: Yes
Viewable w/ Kindle: No
Viewable w/ Nook: Yes – – as PDF import only
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