Hospitality and Tourism

Collection Selector

Laura Jenemann

Communication, Media, & Film Librarian

Mugar Memorial Library

General Purpose of the Collection

The library’s Hospitality collection focuses on materials concerned with hotel and food service management. Important aspects include administration, accounting and finance, computer applications, marketing, human resource management, food production and beverage management.A vital ancillary interest is tourism marketing and management. There is also some additional coverage of food culture and culinary history.

The Hospitality collection supports the School of Hospitality Administration, which offers a BS in Hospitality Administration. The curriculum includes a firm foundation in liberal arts, management courses in accounting and organizational behavior, extensive fieldwork, and elective courses specific to the hospitality service industry. The collection is also of interest to graduate and undergraduate Questrom School of Business students who frequently undertake business projects and assignments involving the hospitality sector. The Questrom School of Business also offers a minor in Hospitality Administration for Questrom undergraduates and a minor in Business Administration for SHA undergraduates.Other programs on campus that use this collection include Metropolitan College’s MLA in Gastronomy, MS in Administrative Studies concentration in Economic Development and Tourism Management, and certificate programs in Tourism Development, Culinary Arts, and Wine Studies.

Scope of Coverage

Languages collected(primary and selective) or excluded
English language primary and secondary materials are collected.
Geographical areas covered by the collections in terms of intellectual content, publication sources, or both, and specific areas excluded, as appropriate
The hospitality industry is global.The School of Hospitality Administration requires of its students “significant exposure with a culture outside the United States” in recognition of this international dimension.While global in outlook, materials collected are principally North American and Western European in origin.
Chronological periods covered by the collection in terms of intellectual content, movements or schools, and specific periods excluded, as appropriate
Materials collected concentrate on current standards and information about the hospitality industry. Materials dealing with culinary history and the historical coverage of important aspects of hospitality service are collected selectively.
Chronological periods collected in terms of publication dates, and specific periods excluded, as appropriate
Currently published material is collected. Older materials important to the collection are acquired selectively, often because of a request or to replace missing and worn items.

All materials collected by Hospitality in the following Library of Congress classifications are found in Mugar Memorial Library.

General Subject Boundaries and Library Locations


  • TP 500-660 : Fermentation industries, Beverages, Alcohol
  • TX 341-641 : Nutrition, Foods and food supply
  • TX 643-840 : Cookery
  • TX 901-953 : Hotels, clubs, restaurants, etc. Food service
  • Z 5986 : Food Service. Restaurants. Bibliography
  • Z 6250 : Hospitality Industry. Hotels. Bibliography
  • Z 7914.F63 : Useful arts and applied science. Technology. Food. Bibliography

Collected Selectively:

  • SB 387-399 : Grape Culture. Viticulture
  • TP 248.65 F66 : Chemical technology. Biotechnology. Food.
  • TP 368-456 : Food processing and manufacture
  • TX 1-299 : Home Economics (General)
  • TX 851-885 : Home Economics. Dining-Room Service
  • Z 6011-6019 : Voyages and travels. Bibliography

Related subjects and Interdisciplinary Relationships

The Anthropology and Hospitality selectors may consult on materials specific to eating and drinking customs in the GT2400-3390.5 range.
Some travel and tourism marketing materials fall in the geography call number ranges G149-G180, Travel, Voyages and travels (General), normally collected by the Geography Selector. Current materials of immediate interest to students of and practitioners in the hospitality industry which fall in this range are acquired by the Hospitality Selector.
Health Sciences
Some materials related to nutrition in the call number range TX341-TX641 would be of more immediate interest to health service professionals and are acquired by the Health Sciences Selector.
Management and Economics
The Hospitality and Management or Economics selectors consult about materials in the HD-HJ call number range that are specific to the hospitality industry. These materials are generally located in Mugar Memorial Library.

Types of Materials

Periodicals, trade journals, monographs and reference material, including atlases, indexes and abstracts, bibliographies, directories, and encyclopedias.
Collected Selectively
Cookbooks, guidebooks (primarily travel guides, especially those with emphasis upon accommodations and/or eating establishments) and textbooks (very selectively).
Not Collected
Dissertations, audiovisual materials.