New Books Archive: Young Adult Collection

Author Title Call Number
Marching to the
E185.97 .K5 B38
Black, Holly Doll
PZ7 .B52878 Dol 2013
Brown, Hugh Reach PZ7 .B813 Rea 2012
Cokal, Susann The
Kingdom of Little Wounds
PZ7 .C6676 Ki 2013
Crossan, Sarah The
Weight of Water
PZ7.5 .C76 Wei 2013
Dawe, Ted Into
the River
PZ7 .D32168 In 2012
De La Pena, Matt The
PZ7 .P3725 Li 2013
Delaney, Katz Dead,
PZ7 .D375 Dea 2012
DiCamillo, Kate Flora
and Ulysses
PZ7 .D5455 Flo 2013
Donovan, John I’ll
Get There. It Better Be Worth the Trip.
PZ7 .D7228 Il 2010
Doyle, James A
Young Scientist’s Guide to Defying Disasters
Q163 .D69 2012
Else, Barbara The
Queen and the Nobody Boy
PZ7 .E4876 Qu 2013
Engle, Margarita The
Lightning Dreamer
PZ7.5 .E54 Lig 2013
Feder, Tim Better
Nate Than Ever
PZ7 .F314 B3 2014
Fitzpatrick, Marie-Louise Dark
PZ7 .F585 Da 2012
Flanagan, John Brotherband
PZ7 .F598284 Hun 2012
Fradin, Judith Stolen
Into Slavery: The True Story of Solomon Norhtup
E444 .N87 F73 2012
French, Jackie Pennies
for Hitler
PZ7 .F88903 Pen 2012
Grant, Neil The
Ink Bridge
PZ7 .G7674 In 2012
Green, John The
Fault In Our Stars
PZ7 .G8233 Fau 2012
Guinness World Records Guinness
World Records 2013
AG243 .G87 2013
Hartman, Rachel Seraphina PZ7 .H26736 Se 2012
Hartnett, Sonya The
Children of the King
PZ7 .H267387 Ch 2012
Henkes, Kevin Year
of Billy Miller
PZ7 .H389 Ye 2013
Hill, David My
Brother’s War
PZ7 .H548 My 2012
Hill, Kirkpatrick Bo
at Ballard Creek
PZ7 .H55285 Bo 2013
Hotere, Riria 100
Amazing Tales from Aotearoa
DU423 .A1 A3 2012
Kadohata, Cynthia The
Thing About Luck
PZ7 .K1166 Thi 2013
Lanagan, Margo Sea
PR9619.4 .L356 S43
Lowitz, Leza Jet
Black and the Ninja Wind
PZ7 .L96548 Jet 2013
Macinnis, Peter Australian
Backyard Naturalist
QH541.5 .C6 M32 2012
Matti, Truus Mister
PZ7 .M43542 Mis 2012
Medina, Meg Yaqui
Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass
PZ7 .M512765 Ya 2013
Meissner, David Call
of the Klondike
F1095 .K5 M45 2013
Millard, Glenda The
Tender Moments of Saffron Silk
PZ7 .M6033 te 2012
Moriarty, Jaclyn A
Corner of White
PZ7 .M826727 Cor 2013
Myers, Walter Dean Darius
& Twig
PZ7 .M992 Dar 2013
Riddell, Chris Goth
Girl and the Ghost Mouse
PZ7 .R41618 Go 2013
Sax, Aline The
War Within These Walls
PZ7 .S2726 War 2013
Sedgwick, Marcus Midwinter
PZ7 .S4484 Mi 2013
Sendak, Maurice My
Brother’s Book
PS3569 .E6 M9 2013
Stone, Tanya Lee Courage
Has No Color
D769.348 555th .S76
Timberlake, Amy One
Came Home
PZ7 .T479 One 2013
Vanderpool, Clare Navigating
PZ7 .V29393 Nav 2013
Vawter, Vince Paperboy PZ7 .V4734 Pap 2013
Verrico, Susan Privateer’s
PZ7 .V6114 Pri 2012
Wakefield, Vikki Friday
PZ7 .W13355 Fri 2012
Wein, Elizabeth Rose
Under Fire
PZ7 .W4358 Ro 2013
Wiesner, David Mr.
PZ7 .W6367 Mr 2013
Wilkinson, Sheena Grounded PR6123 .I54465 G 76
Williams-Garcia, Rita P.S.
Be Eleven
PZ7 .W6713 Paam 2013
Zinn, Howard A
Young People’s History of the United States
E278.3 .S735 2009