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Every month, PERL features a new display in the Reference Area, highlighting seasonally themed books or specific parts of our collection. Though located in the Reference Area, the items on display are available to be checked out.

Display of 5 books under a banner reading "Braille Literacy Month" in both letters and braille code

January: Braille Literacy Month

January is Braille Literacy Month. We have three braille children’s books on display alongside a biography of Louis Braille, the man who invented the braille code system, and a book on adaptive technology for the internet, including the use of braille displays to read web content. Unfortunately, our braille books are currently out of date since the US adopted a new English braille code in 2016, the Unified English Braille (UEB) code.

UEB is a unified code for English braille aimed at replacing the variety of codes that have been created by various English-using countries over time. The US adopted UEB as its new official English braille system in 2012 and set January 2016 as the date for consistent implementation. All braille transcriptions in the US are now made with UEB code, and educators are required to teach UEB to their students.

To find more information about Unified English Braille, its implementation, the code itself, etc., visit the Braille Authority of North America’s website.

Featured eBook

Burns Braille Guide

Featured Books

Cover of "The Black Book of Colors" - all-black cover with grey blades of grass along the bottom.

“The Black Book of Colors” by Menena Cottin, Rosana Faría, and Elisa Amado.

Cover of "Louis Braille: Windows for the Blind" - dark red cover with a bust of Louis Braille below the title

“Louis Braille: Windows for the Blind” by J. Alvin Kugelmass

Cover of "Expectations" - a colorful mural of butterflies, flowers, and a deer.

“Expectations: A Gift for Blind Children from Braille Institute” by Jody Avery.

Cover of "Adaptive Technology for the Internet" - blue-green cover with images of keyboards superimposed over each other

“Adaptive Technology for the Internet” by Barbara T. Mates, Doug Wakefield, and Judith M. Dixon.

Cover of "The Little Moon Phase Book" - an image of the moon in space

“The Little Moon Phase Book” by Noreen Grice