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Pandoc and Markdown

October 6th, 2017

in African Studies Library, Astronomy Library, Mugar Memorial Library, Music Library, Pickering Educational Resources Library, Science and Engineering Library, Stone Science Library

Transform your writing using Pandoc and Markdown! In this workshop you’ll learn the basics of writing in Markdown – a simple and powerful markdown language – and how to convert your text to html, pdfs, and more using Pandoc. Using these two tools you’ll find a new freedom for writing by removing overhead software and working in simple plain text. In this lesson you’ll learn:

+ The working principles for this writing methodology
+ The basics of Markdown
+ How to use Pandoc
+ A few command line basics

Please arrive with Pandoc installed! Installation guides and “office hours” for assistance will be provided after registration.

Join us in Mugar Library’s Estin Room (room 302) at 11:00. Space is limited. Attendees will need to bring their own laptop in order to fully participate.

Date: Oct. 12, 2017
Location: Mugar Library Estin Room (302)
Time: 11:00-12:00


For more information visit the Data Services website.