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An Infographic for Plastic Waste

March 17th, 2014

in Pickering Educational Resources Library

chinasrcPopular Science this month features an infographic about just where plastic waste from the United States is sent. An amazing amount of plastic waste is shipped overseas, to be received for the most part in China. Also, don’t miss the related story in Popular Science called The Garbage Man: “In a neighboring village, women cooked circuit boards curbside in woks, and children played atop ash heaps. There were piles of burning wires, clouds of noxious fumes, and fields of gooey sludge.”

The Sustainability Resources Center (SRC) within the Pickering Library is a multifaceted space where Sustainability and other groups from all over campus can meet, explore, and learn about the complex issues that effect our environment. We hope that our teachers and students can use the space and resources to plan and innovate solutions to our climate-related problems. The SRC also contains curriculum resources for bringing green efforts to future classrooms.