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Finding books and journals in BU Libraries Search

September 11th, 2013

in Pickering Educational Resources Library

old books and journals refineIf you have come back to BU this semester, you may find something new in BU Libraries Search.  You may perform a search and immediately wonder – where have the Books and Journals gone?

Why have we taken books and journals limiters away?  The short answer is – we haven’t!  All of our books and journals can still be found through BU Libraries Search.  In fact, now you will find more available than ever.

Initially, we liked separating the books and journals in the fashion you can see in the image to the left.  The problem was, we could only separate some of our records that way.  Many thousands of other books and journals were only available in the Other Resource Types area due to technical limitations.



You can now find the books and journals limiters under the renamed Resource Types area, and it’s still very easy to find them.  If you can’t see them immediately, open up the “More options” link.

You can then further limit to those that are available in “full text online” or “available in the library”, to see electronic or print editions respectively.