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The Encyclopedia of Earth

June 17th, 2013

in Pickering Educational Resources Library

The Encyclopedia of Earth (EoE) is a great resource for science teachers. It is quite possibly the world’s largest and most authoritative electronic source of information about the environments of Earth and their interactions with society. Boston University’s Cutler Cleveland is Editor-in-Chief.  You’ll find an entry for it on Pickering Library’s Resources for Teachers research guide.

The EoE is written and governed by scientists, educators, and professionals working in a unique collaborative environment, with oversight from a distinguished International Advisory Board. It has been released through the initial work of several hundred authors, topic editors, and student volunteers that produced more than 2,000 entries in the first 6 months.

The EoE is an open access project that uses a modified version of MediaWiki as its authoring platform.  Unlike some other wikis, the authors are individuals judged to be expert in their field by an editorial board, and articles are reviewed and approved by a subject-specific editor prior to publication.